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    Corny ball lock kegs -Gold Coast

    inc or plus postage to 4350?
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    Toowoomba: Kegking magnetic drive pump

    bought a couple of months ago, hasn't been used. rrp $70. sell for $55pp Pickup beats post.
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    Toowoomba: Complete home brew setup beer fridge fermenters and beer

    yeh i won't be splitting it unless absolutely necessary.
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    Toowoomba: Complete home brew setup beer fridge fermenters and beer

    Long story short, i'm quitting all forms of drinking. I have a beer fridge four taps, 6 kegs and craploads of accessories: 6 Cornelius 19L Pinlock Kegs 2 Kegs full of beer 60 Litre Fermenter 3 30 Litre Fermenters 4 tap Beer Fridge Fitting 4x19 Litre Kegs 2 taps are Stainless steel perlick taps...
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    Dedicated Rims Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Looking to go single vessel rims myself. I presume i will need a pump to recirculate the mash back to the top of the vessel. Would this be an appropriate pump to use...
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    Yeast Farming

    Says the caps aren't auto-clavable? is that an issue?
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    Yeast Farming

    Guys, i'm looking to get into yeast farming, as I received some WL vials mead, cider yeast, ultra high gravity and a few others. So I may have been able to procure a working stirplate with heat. Where can I get appropriate test tubes (those baby soda bottle ones look good for not breaking) in...
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    edit: Making a keggle with 50L swan keg

    also would it be advisable to install an immersion chiller into the keg or should it be removable? My thinking is if the chiller is installed then there should be no sanitation issues because it will have been sanitised by the boil.
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    edit: Making a keggle with 50L swan keg

    ok.. my brother in law is a welder by trade so I should be able to get most of this done quite easily.... Looking at converting the 50l keg into a BIAB keggle. Forgive my lack of skillz in mspaint: (Will use a sleeping bag or something similar for insulation to keep temps stable without heat)
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    edit: Making a keggle with 50L swan keg

    Ok well i have a swann breweries 50L keg. I also see that 55l eskies with drainage on special for $48 at target/big w etc. I am space restricted in the kitchen but can do it outside if I really need to. recommendations on where to go from here and perhaps a guide on how to modify the kegs...
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    Double chocolate stout, gravity stuck at 1.022

    so its looks like it will settle at 1.022. have tried the fast ferment in the bottle and about 24 hours l8r no change. There an alternative recommended yeast for this type of wort?
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    edit: Making a keggle with 50L swan keg

    edit: looking to do BIAB, 23l batches, either 40l urn or make a keggle with my 50l keg as per my posts below.
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    Distilled Water - Brisbane

    looking at around $4 / 5 L bottle.
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    Double chocolate stout, gravity stuck at 1.022

    Got this in a kit from h/bay hbs: Mangrove Jack Export stout safale us-04 500g Specialty grains 500g dutch cocoa plus lactose 1kg dark malt extract 300g spray malt T90 hops my first "partial" i suppose if you could call it that. followed all instructions but I forgot to take an OG reading...
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    Free open course on the chemistry of beer

    hey guys just joined! My contact will be "Timothy Marriage"
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    Brew Oxygenation

    /thread resurrection what if the tap you are using to fill your jug already has an aerator attachment?
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    FS: Toowoomba 50L Keg & attachment.

    Just got a 50l keg and attachment, wanting to get into kegging instead of bottling but a) 50l is prob a bit big for me to begin with and b: crippling finances. Would like to sell this as soon as i can. No issues with either, and am reluctant to part with said products but such is life! Very...
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    What is the TWANG taste?

    negative. Thats actually the sound that's made when the wife suggests something extra naughty!
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    Toowoomba homebrewers get together

    So wanting to come to the get together today! That sort of went up in smoke when woken up at 1am by the sound of my SO and 4 yr old son rejecting the contents of last nights dinner. Woe is me! That aside would be great to join up next time. I'm only really a level 2 kinda homebrewer (Temp...
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    Over Active?

    Really, don't worry have another home brew?