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    Free fridge hawthorne bne QLD today.

    Fridge works ok seals ok but could replace. Need gone today or dumping at scrap yard. Could help deliver within a few films but not driving far...
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    Wanted BNE inner - one to two cubes 20L ex-FWK ?

    Any one got a few free cubes sitting around looking for a couple of 20L inner city southside is best..... i am at Hawthorne Other wise is will go find a few new ones
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    pickling onions questions

    Been looking at some old threads as i want to do some PO's :) From my reading it does not need to be done "hot" to make a vacuum / pasturise in the jar? Is that right ? Is there any reason i cannot do these in a sealed plastic container if i wanted to do some bigger batches? thanks
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    does a fan in a keeezer stop moisture in freezer

    does a fan in a keeezer stop (or help) moisture in freezer? with all the humidity i have been getting excess condensation and water in freezer... best solution is?
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    ebay dry hopping ss "tubes" for kegs, any good?

    any one bought one of the SS 300 micron mesh dry hopping keg tubes things i have a large tea ball but thinking of getting a longer one to let hops float around a little better opinions of them ? cheers
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    Bottled coles AP juice cider using some beer us-o5 yeast cake, bad idea?

    I am just about to do a corny ferment of some cider under pressure and was wondering if i used some yeast cake from an ALE what would it be like ? This one i am using cider yeast but also have some yeast cake about to be thrown out... Normally the yeast cake would have been cube hopped and...
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    WTB 25L A type commercial KEG in Brisbane Area

    WTB 25L A type commercial KEG in Brisbane Area Chasing one of these for a project If you have one sitting around PM me cheers
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    looking for supplier: Wheel chair suitable sand pit (above ground table type)

    Hey I am working on a grant for some Prep kids in wheel chairs for a upgrade to the playground at the school i teach at. Looking for a supplier of commercial play-equip that do those table sandpit things. If you know of one post a link, can find plenty of other stuff but need sandpit...
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    mini keg old taylors, ball lock Inner brisbane.

    pics say it all needs some work, cleaning and a gas post setup. or remove the vent thing and do something You could gas charge via beer post but i guess? 22cm high to fill line on sticker i have never used Make a reasonable cash offer / bid in the thread? do the pics come up as files or pics...
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    fermenting honey, student science experiment

    I teach but not science. Some Snr students want to investigate if different types of honey ferment (yeast activity) differently based on the antiseptic properties of each variety of honey . They know i brew so can help with equipment and maybe some ideas. Windosr is the yeast i have had...
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    ReGrained harvests grain from craft beer makes yummy thing

    I like the sound of the choc stout coffee choc bar or maybe a IPA bar just before a workout.... lol workout pfffft http://makezine.com/2017/04/11/how-to-set-up-your-own-lab/ https://www.regrained.com/
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    cutting the spear 50L keg, how much? (pressure kegmenter)

    I am experimenting with pressure fermenting (spunding valve) and am going to do 40L in a 50L keg. For now i am just using a keg coupler with the spunding on the gas out. The plan is to ferment then push the beer out the "beer out" into my corny to serve all under pressure etc. I was thinking i...
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    fermenting cider under pressure question

    I bought my self a spunding valve thing and until i find a bigger ferment fridge for a 50L keg i am going to ferment in a corny under pressure. Any reason i should not ferment a cider under pressure? What pressure and temp do you suggest ? Just thinking cheap bottled juice for testing it out...
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    New Home Brew shop in Cannon Hill area BNE

    Noticed some signs going up for a new HBS in Cannon Hill BNE on Wynum rd. People inside stocking shelves.... as i drove by. In the old mower shop near Ham Bro's accountants across from the natural food shop. (99 bikes / lifeline corner) I wonder what they will be stocking...... Good luck to...
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    Ex Gov computer refurb - sellers QLD (where do they get em)

    Anyone know how / where they obtain them? I need about 15 desktops for a project but dont need high spec. or if your in IT and clearing out a heap.... i'm your man :)
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    anyone a brisbane plumber ? got a question 4 u

    So do i need plumber and or permit to dig across a footpath and under the cement footpath in a suburban street to put in a rainwater pipe (flow from roof). I would need to cut and re concrete the gutter lip thing to have a "hole" in the gutter..... (many in the street have them and are plastic...
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    belly button yeast beer....

    ......To offset the taste of belly buttons, the brewers also added some flavours such as orange zest and coriander, along with a lot of hops. The final result is a Belgian-ish Witbier with a very personalised twist to keep things interesting...
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    skip diving for free stuff = love mates who keeps and eye out 4 u

    had a mate drop in today and give me a freegan xmas present. he was going past a skip and this was in it love how the co2 valve / reg seals were still hanging on it in the plastic bag of course i asked was anything else in there !!!! hooked it to my gas and works fine
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    what hops for my sunday afternoon ale ?

    just about to mash in... going down now to heat mash water for a BIAB mash in is at 4.30.... then go to the park for a few beers :) then back to boil up at 5.30 no chilling into a cube 4.5 kg ale 200G Vienna 200G carapils have Galaxy Cascade Bravo summit Saaz....FFS.. who knows why i bought...
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    reg - capper - pump - welder - pool cleaner thing all in Brisbane

    shed cleanout going on reg is really for parts / repair as gauge is busted i have used this in the past but today it did not want to go onto my bottle properly = free if you pickup... capper works well and comes with some free caps. i shall never cap again price = 4/6 pack of some tasty ALE...