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    Batch Sparge Intensity

    I know if I were fly sparging I can sparge to a gravity of around 1.010 before I need to worry about extracting tannins. Is there a similar rule of thumb for batch sparging? Just how heavily can I sparge in bathces?
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    Cooper's Pale Ales Recipe For A Brit Brewer

    I'm trying to construct an AG recipe for CPA for an English brewer who fancies handing something Australian around at summer BBQ's that isn't a can of Fosters. I'm not looking for a clone, just soemthing to style that mimics what a hypothetical competitor to Coopers might sell if there was more...
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    Golden Ale

    CAMRA's Champion Beer of Britian is Crouch Vale's Brewers Gold, the first time a beer from what is essentially a newly recognised style (Golden Ale) has won the award. Also known as British Summer Bitter (a sub-category of blonde ale) by the BJCP, Golden Ales only have a 20 year history in the...
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    Brew Goliath

    Just a little report on BrewGoliath's new business method. Made an order last month and although I felt a little dubious dealing with an online business I was pleasantly impressed. The same Dave Stewart level of service was provided and delivery was prompt. I was one happy camper, then one...
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    British Bitter Theory

    Can the collective run through the theory behind formulating a sound British Bitter. I know Marris Otter is the preferred malt, and keep the crystal below 5%, and use a pedigreed liquid yeast. Are there any other parameters to keep in mind?
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    Cream Ale Recipe Comments Please

    Gearing up for the year's first AG and thought I'd explore the world of Bastard Lagers. I'm interested in an American hybrid called cream ale (interstingly it was also called American sparkling ale) which is really an ale version of Classic American Pilsner - cream ale was the ale...
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    1st Mash (help With Efficeincy)

    Did me first mash (a Bavarian Weizen) on the weekend and all kinda went well. Just a few glitches to report. 1. My liqour transfer process and mash tun (a 44l rubbermaid esky) absorbes a lot of heat. Every infusion missed its target temperature by several degrees. I bagan to doubt my ability...
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    Diy Tubular Elements

    I've found a supplier of DIY tubular elements at: http://www.grimwoodheating.com.au/r111www/images/15-13.pdf This stuff can be bent into any shape and fitted through the wall of any container using compression bushes. I particularly like the look of DIY30C(3kw, copper sheath, and 1010mm will...
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    Elements Help Needed

    I have two (cylindrical) stainless steel vessels (height 400mm, diameter 400mm) that I intent to use a a HLT and copper and I want to install elements in them both So a few questions for the collective: 1. Bolt on or screw in? 2. Needed wattage, I've tried a 2400W over the side immersion...
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    Immersion Heater Woes

    Bought myself a Stokes SG3, a 2400W over the side immersion heater element. Tried it out last night on 40L of water, only to discover that after 4hrs, the heater could not bring the water to the boil:-( I guess the dimensions of my kettle are the cause of this (Hieght 400mm, Diameter 400mm)...
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    Theakston's Best

    Anyone have access to a recipe for Theakston's Best Bitter? Thanks in Advance