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    Wtb, 60L-100L stainless pots

    Hey peeps, just wondering if anyone has any stainless pots/vessels they want to get rid of. I'm wanting to build a bigger system, looking for pots 60L-100L Located in Sydney Cheers
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    Anhc 2015

    Hey fellas, any news on this years homebrew conference? Where and when?
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    Force carbing warm

    Hey fellas, I have been force carbing for years and never had a problem. I force carb for 48hrs at 230kpa. I am changing my keezer setup and wondering if anyone force carbs warm and what are there results and processes. Cheers
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    Cider gravity

    G'day fellas, last night I thru 20L of aldi Apple juice in the fermenter, a packet of us04 and yeast nutrient. I forgot to take the sg. Can anyone who has done this cider pass on their sg. Cheers
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    Pre boil gravity

    G'day fellas, could some one tell me my pre boil gravity for the following, I have no brewing program's at the moment as my network is down. Simple apa 23l batch, 27l pre boil 4.8kg pale malt .3kg Munich .2kg wheat .2kg caraaroma Cheers for the help
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    Oran park and surrounds

    Hey fellas, anyone from AHB live in OPT or surrounds? I know there are some from Camden, Mount Annan and Currans hill. Be good to start a new club Cheers
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    How many days for ferment?

    I'm looking at brewing my first cider. I will be going away for work next Tuesday for a month and wanted to get a cider done before I go. I have 20l aldi juice, uso4 yeast and a yeast nutrient. If I mix up today will it be finished fermenting by Monday so I can keg it and let it age while I'm...
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    Help needed

    G'day fellas, yesterday I brewed a double batch of Oktoberfest pils, I had some people rock up just as I started which turned out to be very distracting!!!!! To cut a long story short, I f&@ked up and miss measured my grain by 1kg, therefore coming up low on my sg by 12 points and I didn't have...
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    Better bottle fermenters

    Just wondering if anybody uses these. I was listening to a old episode of brew strong and jamil was saying he was trialing them for a year, would like to hear some feed back http://www.better-bottle.com/
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    High fg

    Hoping someone can help me. I brewed a oatmeal stout double batch 3 weeks ago, both fermenters sat at 19 deg for the past 3 weeks but when I went to keg them last night they were still at 1.028. I was thinking how could this be possible, I gave the wort a stir and turned the fermenting fridge up...
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    anyone used caradark or special b in a stout?

    anyone used caradark or special b in a stout? I have them laying around and thought they could be interesting in a oatmeal stout. Any thoughts?
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    Us05 for a double batch

    I'm currently brewing a double batch and realised I only have 1 satchel of us05 left. Can I make a starter out of it to make enough for 40l. I no chill so I won't be pitching until tomorrow, will this be enough time to double the yeast?
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    Anyone in Campbeltown area have 1kg choc malt I can buy off them?

    Was just getting ready to weigh in for a double batch of stout and realised I forgot to get choc grain. Can anyone help me out?
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    Anyone in Campbeltown area have 1kg choc malt I can buy off them?

    Just started to weigh in grains for a double batch of stout when I realised I forgot to buy choc. Can anyone help me?
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    Automated breweries

    Hey fellas, is there a automated brewery that we can get in aus that is similar to the more beer system? Please don't post make one yourself so its cheaper!!! I already have a ag setup, I like the more beer one, and down the track would like to own one or something similar...
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    Urgent pilsner help

    Hey fellas, I'm brewing a smash Bohemium pils and I have way under shot sg. I'm brewing a 23l batch, I mashed 5kg pils malt into 15l water at 67* for 90 mins. Sparged in 10l water at 70* for a pre boil volume of 25l. Did a hydrometer reading and only hit 1.030!!!!! What the ****???? What the...
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    Brewing podcasts/radio

    G'day fellas, I'm fully up to date with all the podcasts from the BN. Are there any other decent shows to listen to? Cheers
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    Dark lager help

    G'day all, I'm brewing a dark larger and I was cross checking with brewing classic styles. Jamil advises to do a 90 min boil. Does this mean I let it boil for half hour before first hop edition? Cheers
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    Hey lads, can you run a plate chiller on a gravity setup or do you need pumps? I can get a plate chiller fairly cheap but don't want to buy it if it won't work. Cheers
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    Mashed in too low

    G'day guy I'm brewing a Janet's brown at the moment but I mashed in too low. I think because the grain bill was fairly large it dropped my temp more then I planed. I was aiming for 66* but I'm stable at 64.5* after 30 mins. Should I increase the length of my mash or just leave it? Cheers