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  1. Sunshine_Brewer

    F.S. Brewing Equipment Sunshine Coast or Brisbane

    Hi, With a big organise in the 'shed' comes lots of bargains all negotiable. I'm based on the Sunshine Coast but will be in Brisbane this Friday. March 809 HS Beer Brewing Pump inc. Stanless Ball Valve Complete with an Australian plug, stainless bracket, stainless ball valve and stainless 1/2...
  2. Sunshine_Brewer

    Clarity Ferm Activity After Repitching Some Yeast Cake

    About to use Clarity Ferm for the first time for a friend who "suffers". Does anyone know if this enzyme remains active in the yeast cake which can then be used again in a repitch or does it get used up. I'm guessing it will have a diminished effect upon reuse but I can not seem to find an...
  3. Sunshine_Brewer

    FS: SEQ 10lt Jomack Urn/5X1.5lt Grolsch Bottles/Yeast Viles/Keg Couple

    As I'm heading to Brisbane this weekend I may be available to drop off in Brissie this Saturday 09/11/2013 for you. Jomack Urn 10lt $30 Perfect for Herms or extra water for brew day, comes with crown urn tap, works perfectly, aussie made/solid. 5X1.5lt Grolsch Bottles $40 All clean and ready...
  4. Sunshine_Brewer

    FS: Andale 3 Tap Flooded Font/March Pump & Glass Carboy SEQ

    Andale 3 Tap Flooded Font $200 Used but never by me, been in storage for over four years. March Pump 809 HS w/Stainless Bracket and 240v Plug New with receipt, never been used. $185 Glass Carboy (Made in Mexico) 6 Gallon I will clean garage dust off it and make it sparkle... $50
  5. Sunshine_Brewer

    3 Tap Andale Font For Sale

    I bought this font of Batz and have not used it since. I only want $200 and includes one free snaplock adaptor. Prefer local pick up or I can deliver to Brissie area next time Im visiting.
  6. Sunshine_Brewer

    Sunshine Coast Grain Bulk Buy 2009

    I plan to get the malt delivered to my place in Doonan and can hold the grain for anybody that can't make it on the day of delivery. Usual min order of twenty sacks but I want to hit 36 if possible and then I will close the bulk buy and order through Ross@Craftbrewer. Date to be finalised...
  7. Sunshine_Brewer

    Off Aromas In My Heffeweizen

    I just bottled my first batch of Heffeweizen 2kg Pils 2kg Wheat 20g Halletau 18lts OG 1012 The beer tastes good straight from the fermenter but the problem is AROMA. I am getting some form of off aromas from the beer. I can't pinpoint the problem as the heffe naturally has some interesting...
  8. Sunshine_Brewer


    If have unlimited supply of Mugwort and was wondering if any have used the herb for bittering before. it does smell really good and I believe it was used before hops were widely introduced. Any ideas...
  9. Sunshine_Brewer

    Sunshine Coast Brewery - Oktoberfest Celebration

    Just got this email, thought I would pass it on. Oktoberfest Visit The Sunshine Coast Brewery Saturday 18 & 25 October 2008 As part of a celebration of Oktoberfest, The Sunshine Coast Brewerys new brewer Scott Hargrave - has brewed two fabulous new German beers...
  10. Sunshine_Brewer

    Commercial Fridge

    Just thought id let you lucky Sydneysiders in on this beauty I just spotted. http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-Stuff-for-S...QQAdIdZ78596067 No fighting!
  11. Sunshine_Brewer

    New Brewhouse And Hotel In Doonan

    Well by the looks of things Doonan on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland (near Noosa) will become the proud recipients of their very own Brewhouse located within a new hotel. Pending local council approval of course, fingers crossed. This place is at the end of my street... :D
  12. Sunshine_Brewer

    Show Us Ya Stash!

    Getting ready for summer! B)
  13. Sunshine_Brewer

    Bulk Grain Purchase

    Gday All, Just looking to get some people together for a bulk grain purchase. Im looking at getting ten sacks (25kg) so i need others to get the other ten to be eligible for the discount on the grain. Pick up will be in Brisbane or on the sunshine coast...