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    I just purchased 50 x50 ml x2ml rhs for $70 cut to length. approx 8.1 mtrs.I have built my stand and christened today. The best thing I ever did. :lol: cheers Leachim
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    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    Hi Edak, What a piece of art . Well done . I did have a look at your piccies and what a top job . Have you looked at putting elbows on the outlet side of the pump ? The reason I ask is , I would be concerned with the hose being bent so much it may have a tendancy to collapse under the...
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    Free Beer And Mates

    I don't have many friends but they keep asking for more . I met a young bloke from Munich when the missus and I went to Eildon for easter . She mentions that I home brew . So the following week he rocks up expecting to see how a beer is made and shit himself when he saw the herms rig . I said to...
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    Plumbing Schematic - Thoughts?

    You could always simplify it by checking out alenuts scroll down until you see brutus 2.0 now that is a great system . A brewer I know built this system with a herms and PID controller and it also has great efficiency . Cheers leachim
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    Flat Beer From Bulk Priming

    Your bulk priming is good . However did you take into account the temp of your beer when you added the dextrose . I bulk prime all the time and only ever had one batch that had low carbonation . The temp was around 21-22 * C when I primed it and at this temp a lot of the Co2 had been released...
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    Braumeister NEXTGEN Build

    I picked up an offcut of 2mm ss perforated plate for $50 from Geordi in Cheltenham . I haven't used it yet it is 505mm x 80mm . If this suites pm me and you can have it for what I paid for it .Or give Geordi a ring .
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    Immersion Heater Question

    Any form of immersion heater in the mash tun would have to be constantly moving to avoid burning the mash .I would stick to using it as a heater for your HLT or some form of ghetto heat exchanger .
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    Charred Element, Burnt Taste, Sad Face

    I had an issue with an immersion heater that burnt the crap out of a rye beer . Two years on it still has that burnt flavour .
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    Guess The Style By The Pictures?

    Black IPA
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    New Outdoor Keg / Bar Setup - Need Advice

    Hi adz , I have the exact same freezer it holds two kegs and if you add a collar it will hold four kegs , two more on the step .
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    Bulk Priming Wheat Beers

    Quite possibly that amount will make bottle bombs . I bulk primed a wheat beer with 280 gms and had a few bottles explode . The temp was around 17-18 *C which meant it had a high residual of Co2 in the fermenter . If you have fermented at 22*C which is too high for this style as well as Ales it...
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    Dead Notto

    Yeah early last year had three bad batches of Notto and lost nearly 70 ltrs . Then the company came out in Nov 2011 and admitted that the yeast was not viable .
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    AHB Articles: turning a keg into a keggle

    I have watched the how to on cutting the tops out of the kegs . To me it seems to be a lot of dicking around to create a jig when all I did was use the guard on the grinder as a guide simple really .
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    Franziskaner Clone.

    A ferulic rest is a mash temp rest . So your temp at dough in should be around the 30 or 40 whatever temp for it is and then after x amount of time at that temp you raise the temp to 50* C for another rest if you want and then to 66*C for the rest of the mesh schedule . That is the way I would...
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    Immersion Chiller

    The big green shed has 3mtr x 12mm copper roles for around $15 . I used 9mtrs with a few joiners and elbows and total cost was around $50 . So if you have some ability to create stuff , this would be an easy project and a big cost saving if you don't charge for labour . ;)
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    First All Grain

    Hi ; 1. Mash volume around 2.5 to 3.0 Lt per Kilo 2. 1st sparge 1/2 of what is needed to fill your boil pot to around 33Lts. 3 2nd sparge the rest to bring your volume up to boil volume so that when you have finished your boil you will end up with 23 lt in the fermenter . If you have that...
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    What Has Been Your Longest Run Of Afd's

    I rarely drank a beer for I never liked the mega swill . Now thirty years on I am making up for it . :o Leachim
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    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    Hi Frag Dog ; Just buy a length of copper strip 2-3 cm wide . Drill holes to the size of the copper tubing of how ever many turns you have and then feed the stip around the copper tubing , through the holes . You may have to make 2 - 3 of these strips but it will keep everything straight and...
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    I Can Feel An Infection C'mon On

    What a shame you pitched the yeast . All you had to do is re - boil it for 10 -15 min chill and then pitch yeast .