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    Clubs/Private forums

    So this has been raised before. You can see them in your daily activity email, cannot find them in a search and even paid membership which says it gives you access to private or confidential forums does not do it. What I still do not understand is if you cannot see them, how do you know who to...
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    Yeast Murrays / Unibroque

    I have bottles of Murrays Blonde, Murrays Grand Cru and Unibroque La Fin Du Monde. :D I have done a search but cannot find whether the yeast in the bottles is the primary strain or what it might be. :unsure: Any help?? Thanks
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    Phenolic Wheat

    It seems that whenever I brew an AG wheat I end up with a strong phenolic taste that I do not get when I use the same yeast in an extract brew. I have tried: WLP 300 (19C) WLP 380 (18 & 22 C) WLP 400 (19-20 C) Wyeast 3522 (18 & 24C) Pitching temp always less than 18C I thought it might be...
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    Baking Dme For Brewing?

    The webpage of the supplier of DME I have used in the past and can get most cheaply shows that it is intended primarily for baking (HBS did not point this out! :ph34r: ) It is described as having Diastase to enable conversion and I have used it before, but will it be inferior to dried malt...
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    Weyermann Malt Extract

    The Weyermans malt extracts sound ideal for those of us who prevented from all-grain brewing by space constraints (and time), but I cannot find anyone in Oz selling them. Does anyone know where to get them from?:unsure: Thanks Hophead
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    Belgian Porter - Help

    Reading a post by Warren where he blended a porter and a Belgian ale has me intrigued. I would like to make a porter/stout with a belgian ale yeast. Has anyone tried anything similar? I have the following available WLP 500, WLP 550, WLP 570. Any sugestions as to which might be best for...
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    Caramalisation, How?

    I have seen a couple of recipes that suggest caramalising a small part of the wort, but no description on how this is actually done. Any help on this?
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    Irish Moss/whrlfloc

    I have reached the stage where I want to start using Irish Moss or Whirlfloc. I have a number of queries about their use and the removal of the hot and cold break. 1) Not having tried this before (and not being that rigorous in the removal of hot/cold break) I am not sure but wont this leave...
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    Hopping Without Wort

    Can anyone help? Is it possible to boil the hops (for bittering or flavour) in water or a weak DME solution, to add to the wort when cooled? Or do the hops need to interact with the malt in some way?