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    Free All Fridge - Campbelltown, NSW

    Hi, I'm moving, and need to downsize some of my gear, and unfortunately wont have room for a full size fridge at the new place. This is an all fridge, and will easily fit a 60l fv in there. PIcs of it in the link below. http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/67524-ebay-v5/?p=829428 PIckup...
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    Electric elements, 12v 47a power supplies

    I'm moving soon have a couple of things here I wont be using, and dont want to move them! Here goes... 1: HP Server power supplies (I have at least two, possibly more) easily modded (no soldering required) into a 12volt 47amp power supply, perfect for driving a mill motor or other high curent...
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    Coopers Long Necks - Campbelltown

    I'm moving shortly, and have a bunch of these I no longer will be using, I'm chaning to 500ml bottles, as they fit my fridge better! I have at least 6 dozen of them, most of them in crates. As I start sorting things out, There will probably be a few more. I'll also include a crate containing...
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    Anyone Got A Faulty Brown Pump?

    im looking for a dead pump i can get the front housing off, as i managed to snap mine! pump is almost new, and i have already ordered a new one, but if someone had a dead one, i'd happily pay postage on it to get the front housing!
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    Kettle Size For Single Batches

    I just finished cutting the top off the keg i got off ebay a couple weeks ago. I just measure the capacity of it by fillig it with a known qty of water, and to just below the rim, it is 45l. I have measured, and my 3000w element will fit in there nicely, and the lid off a 20l bigW stockpot...
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    1/2" Copper Maximum Bend Radius

    HI, I've been searching, but cant seem to find it. I am picking up on the weekend the copper to make my heat exchanger for my herms setup. I want to make the coil as comapct as possible, so that I can fit as much as possible in the vessel. Without trying it, and potentially wasting some of...
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    Uxcell Elements...

    I guess this is a continuation from here: http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/inde...3974&st=200 however the dicussion has degraded somewhat, and these are not the same as the original intention of the post. I ordered two of the uxcell elements, a 3kw and a 2.5 kw element. Ebay links, as the...
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    1/2" Vs 3/4" Fittings

    I know that the norm is for people to use 1/2" fittings, however I was wondering why that is? I personally favour 3/4, for no reason other than that is what was on my malley boiler when I got it. I'm going to be setting up a new kettle shortly, and was wondering if there was any reason to use...
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    Woohoo I'm Rich!

    Just got this on my phone. Funny thing is I dont remember entereing anything! LOL Maybe I shouldnt hand in my notice just yet... LOL
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    Herms Related Questions I Couldn't Find Answers To.....

    I am in the process of getting my Herms setup built. The big Herms thread has been of great use, but I have a few other questions. My mash tun is a converted keggle. I cut the entire top off it, and consequently I don't currently have a lid that will fit. I am still looking, but no luck so...
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    Heating Element Controlled By A Pid - Current Draw Once At Temp

    am trying to work out what my current draw is going to be with my proposed setup for my brewery. At present all I have available to me is a 16amp circuit. Loads that I would like to have running concurrently: *HLT - with a 2200w element, PID controlled *Herms unit with a 2200w element, PID...
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    Stainless Braided Hoses At Mash Temps

    I am in the process of getting a herms setup together, and am looking at ways to connect my pump to it all. I have a brown pump which I will be using, and the threads are ideal for connecting using these hoses. Has anyone had any experience with using these at mash temps? I have tried...
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    12 Volt 32 Amp Supplies

    Hi, I have two more of these available, they are from a HP server, and are ideal for powering a DC motor for your grain mill! Information on how to mod them for use as a supply in this link: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=358340 These are un-modified, however they are known...
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    Stainless Mesh False Bottom - Can It Be Too Fine?

    I am building my mash tun out of a keg like vessel, and have a stainless Ikea splatter guard which I was going to make the false bottom out of. My concern is that the mesh may be too fine to get the required flow, as I will be using a herms system with it. The guard itself, is just the right...
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    Herms With An Esky

    Hi, I am in the process of piecing together the bits to build a herms system. I was originally planning on using a stainless tun, but yesterday I found a 55l rectangular esky on a council cleanup pile. Nothing wrong with it that a good clean wont fix. I'm now planning to use the esky, as I...
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    Herms Coil Inside A Kettle

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my brew rig to a herms setup, I already have the PID, PT100, SSR etc, just need to build the vessel. I recall reading a thread where someone built it inside the electric jug, but I cant seem to find it. anyone got a link?
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    No Chilled, But Didnt Use Whirfloc

    Hi Guys, Got my second ag into the cube on the weekend, but now I think I may have made a minor blunder. I didnt have any (forgot to buy) whirfloc or irish moss, so at the end of my boild I cubed it, probably trub / break and all. If I were to syphon out my wort when I am ready to ferment it...
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    Rolling Boil. Is This Too Violent?

    Hi, I got my second AG done on the weekend, and I haven't measured exactly yet (will do when I tip the cube in the fermenter), but I guestimate I lost about 8 - 10 liters over 90 minutes. This is a video of my boil: I think it looks like I might be a touch over powered...... Thoughts?
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    My Second Ag Brewday - As It Happens!

    Hey guys, thought I would do this blow by blow as I get this brew done! This is the recipe: Austin APA (American Pale Ale) Original Gravity (OG): 1.060 (P): 14.7 Final Gravity (FG): 1.015 (P): 3.8 Alcohol (ABV): 5.89 % Colour (SRM): 7.4 (EBC): 14.6 Bitterness (IBU)...
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    Motorised Monster Mill

    Finanly got my mill just about finished today, really happy the way it turned out! Built the cabinet from mostly scrap / scrounged materials, motor from ebay, coupler from Jaycar, Old server power supply, coffee can hopper! Just need to mount the power supply, and get a switch. Video is of it...