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    pH meter recommendation

    I'm in the market for a pH meter and am looking for recommendations. I understand the life and accuracy of the meter comes largely from good user operation (cool sample before measurement, frequent calibration). Are there any reputable brands? And where to buy from?
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    Crown urn heater burning/scorching

    Brewed a Hefe on Sunday with 65% wheat/35% pilsner. Also tried a step mash for the first time. The mash schedule I was attempting was 45/64/73 for 30 mins each but ended up with 46/55/66. I BIAB with a crown urn with concealed element but decided to use boiling water additions to raise the mash...
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    Recultured Coopers yeast in a hefeweizen?

    Has anyone tried using recultured Coopers yeast in a hefe? I know it can throw some big banana flavours when fermented at 20C+. The yeast is also pretty low floccing so should make a nice hazy beer. Thoughts?