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  1. Dars183

    6 months to plan epic brew day

    or the 7 P's Prior Preparation & Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance :D
  2. Dars183

    6 months to plan epic brew day

    Sounds like a great day coming up :) If you set your GoPro to record 1 frame every 75sec from sun up to sundown you will end up with an 11min clip. :beerbang: Cheers & GL
  3. Dars183

    Transferring from Cube to Fermentor

    I use an old stubby holder with the bottom cut out and a good whack of gaffa tape, works a treat :)
  4. Dars183

    Big Post Of Water Around Australia

    As promised updated August 2102 Mt Yokine locality.
  5. Dars183

    Big Post Of Water Around Australia

    I've just emailed off a request for a report, I'm in Bentley so should cover the same area. Will post it when it arrives; :) Cheers
  6. Dars183

    Darwin - Woolworths bottleshop stocking Feral Brewing!

    If you can find their Raging Flem, its well worth a taste :)
  7. Dars183

    Yeast pitching.....FFS there is enough in pack

    We have introduced largering :D
  8. Dars183

    Yeast pitching.....FFS there is enough in pack

    +1 for 10 pages, I'm sure that I won't be relying on the theory that one pack fits all :) Thank you to all the contributors
  9. Dars183

    Yeast pitching.....FFS there is enough in pack

    Note to self, avoid this thread. . . . As a nooby brewer I think this thread has the potential to scare more people off brewing than any thread talking about making starters or Mr.Malty or under pitching. This has devolved into a troll thread with little or no practical use to someone wanting...
  10. Dars183

    Jerman dog discovering biers in Perth

    Hi and welcome V-Dawg :) Don't know if it is exactly what you need but might be ok. I was given a Keg a short while ago that I was hoping to convert to a Mash tun, it turns out that someone decided to make a big ice bucket. The top has been cut right off,I would say that it would hold about ~30...
  11. Dars183

    Wanted: Hops rhizomes in WA

    He has a mailing list of folks who want to buy rhizomes, I'm on it :) He also sent me a heap of info about soil preparation and what Hops like & dont like. Cheers
  12. Dars183

    Craft Beer Crusaders - Ch 31 - April 30

    As a film producer, all I can say is well done and keep going :D :D *whispers to CBC* Start making some appointments with commissioning editors, I think you are on a winning formula :super:
  13. Dars183

    Beginner Yeast Questions

    I've just pitched my 1st liquid yeast and watching the starter grow and now starting to smell all the esters and stuff is great, I'm a convert ;) Now to start researching washing, cakes, splitting, stir plates etc etc :D Cheers
  14. Dars183

    Single smack pack, single starter?

    Head on over to http://www.mrmalty.com/calc/calc.html :) you will need your OG and remember to switch fermentation type to lager, if you are doing a true lager (colder ferment temp = more yeasties) Cheers
  15. Dars183

    Dry hopping mandarin peel

    Sounds interesting would need careful balancing, These guys have got the balance with their Boneyard Grapefruit IPA https://store-lvfg29.mybigcommerce.com/grapefruit-ipa/ Cheers
  16. Dars183

    ebay and gum tree finds

    Turn it over and you could have a unique esky :|
  17. Dars183

    What is your USUAL brewing method?

    Bump :) need a larger sample size
  18. Dars183

    2013 April Update

    Great News Dane.Thanks for the tireless effort you put in :)
  19. Dars183

    Raise a Glass for Baz

    Glass raised . . . Vienna Lager Condolences to family and friends
  20. Dars183

    Where to start where to start, what style, what beer

    Thanks for the tips :) I'll be going the test batch method, Ive work out the probable losses just using water but until it gets grain in there its just going to be a guesstimate. Looks like I'm ready to go :icon_cheers: Cheers