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  1. klangers

    Free fermentation fridge - Brookvale Sydney

    Hi all, I have a spare fridge that I'm keen to get out ASAP. Samsung Silver Nano - a bit grubby, particularly in the freezer. Has done a fair bit of work, but that's what free gets you. Still works fine. Located in Brookvale 2100
  2. klangers

    Best-value pH meters

    Hi all, I did try to search, but nothing of relevance was returned. I didn't trawl past the 4th page of results though. Anyhow, I bought an ebay pH meter a while back and look it's served its purpose, but now I am looking for something legit. As in reliable and of reputable brand. Budget: up...
  3. klangers

    Low flow from CO2 bottle

    Hi all, After losing a keg and a CO2 bottle late last year to a beer line removing itself from a tap shank, I've begun refreshing my beer lines (to be stronger) and got the CO2 bottle refilled yesterday. A very strange thing is now happening. The flow directly from the bottle - even with no...
  4. klangers

    Do you find check valves to be a nuisance?

    G'day all. I've been recently moving into kegging and spending much of my hard-earned on all the toys to make it happen. I've found that the check valves that are so widely recommended for CO2 manifolds (and are installed on the one I purchased) are a bloody nuisance. They require a minimum...
  5. klangers

    Avocado beer?

  6. klangers

    Wisdom: Mistakes made and lessons learnt

    After seeing a few posts about the place with some horror stories of first attempts AG brews, or drunken brewing or whatever, I thought it could be a good resource if we had a thread with some stories of mistakes that everyone's made - whether it be out of inexperience or a lack of sobriety! A...
  7. klangers


    Hi all, New member on these forums. I've noticed that there isn't much activity here - I would be keen to meet you guys and gals!
  8. klangers

    G'day from Brookvale

    Hi all, Been lurking for a while on these forums and decided to join the community as a more active member. I'm a mechanical engineer based in Sydney with most of my work being in the brewing industry. I'm a keen all-grain home brewer and just down the road from 4 Pines and Nomad. I have a...