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    Dry yeast less tolerant of temperature swings/heating?

    Of the last perhaps 6-7 beers I've made, two have had reasonable chunks of acetaldehyde and looking back, both needed a lamp in the freezer and potentially had some temperature swings (bouncing between the lamp and freezer). One was the MJ's saison and this latest has been M44. The saison was...
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    Fruit beer - hangovers?

    I recall reading years ago that pectin in fruit, when fermented, produces methanol. This was in the context of distilling where perhaps extra care may be needed to remove it. I'm not sure if this was proven/accepted or speculation. I understand acetaldehyde is a good one for hangovers, but has...
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    Batch Sparge/Efficiency Analysis - Kai Troester's work

    Hi all, I'm sure you've seen Braukaiser and some of the great analysis and tools available on this site. My 25L mash tun has been too small for bigger batches (1070+) and I was looking at upgrading to a larger 33L esky, with less insulation as I no longer need it since going RIMS. I was...
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    Oxygenation experiments with hydrogen peroxide

    Two guys walk into a bar. The first says "I'll have a great big glass of H2O" - he drinks it and walks away. The second guy says "I'll have a great big glass of H2O, too"... but we don't know what happened to him. Like a few other people, I have been curious to see if H2O2 is a possible...
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    Underletting and dough balls

    So I've seen a few places where underletting is recommended to avoid doughballs. My last three batches or so I've done this, and in particular the last two have been much lower efficiency than I'd hoped. I do a LODO technique where I crack under CO2 purge into a BIAB bag, add the bag and purge...
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    Bottling Oxidation Reduction - trick

    So, I tried this tonight - basically a CO2 purge tee on my bottle filling tube: It is constructed of a KegKing mini reg, a 1/4" SAE valve (available on ebay), and a couple of neat fittings from a mob in the US: https://www.brewhardware.com/product_p/fflbarb12.htm...
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    AHB Wiki: PID Tuning

    Hi all, This Wiki captures PID tuning, which is a follow-on from the basics on On/Off and PID control, found here: http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/93924-ahb-wiki-pid-and-onoff-control-basics/?p=1431568 The tuning Wiki is below, which captures the following: Specifics about the P, I and D...
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    AHB Wiki: PID and On/Off Control Basics

    Hi all, Check out the attached Wiki for an intro to On/Off and PID control, including: Plusses and minuses of each type and which applications are best for which Example system configurations (1V, HERMS, RIMS) and recommended controller types and sizing Controller hookup Basic controller...
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    Ezychargers 16g bulbs/KK Growlers - seen this?

    So I put my Keg King growler + drafto into service yesterday using some water, which came out green... So I ran through another CO2 bulb and it came out identical. And on closer inspection it looks very much like oil: (second pic is the combination of all the glasses, after settling for a...
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    For Sale: 2 x Plate Chillers (MashMaster + KK)

    Hi all, For sale are 2 x plate chillers, pictured below. Keg King 30 plate chiller. This does not come with beer in/out and water in/out markings so a 'B O' has been stamped at the wort out line. This has been consistently used like this and back-flushed and pulsed. The MashMaster has...
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    How do you secondary?

    I'm actually looking at going back to using a separate FV for doing secondary fermentation. The main driver for this is flavour development, though there is an added bonus of clarity going into the bottles (trub-free). I actually purge a bit of CO2 into the secondary FV before I fill, and...
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    Bottle Conditioning - Document/Resource

    Anybody seen this? https://www.northernbrewer.com/documentation/AdvancedBottleConditioning.pdf Looks like a good read.
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    Look what I found in my wardrobe...

    I only have one of these. Anything to look out for, favour flavours/aromas or memories of this one? Or tip it and crack open a XXXX tinnie instead?
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    Double Double Decoction Dunkel Day

    So I made a video... My rig is fairly easy to use (2V RIMS) and decided to challenge it with two dunkels, each a double decoction (protein rest at 57, 63 rest + D1, 70 rest + D2, mash out and sparge). Each recipe is a Munich II base with some pils. The first has a bit of chocolate, while the...
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    1214 in a Golden Strong?

    I'm looking at doing a Belgian Golden Strong next, probably 1070 target SG to finish fairly dry. I'm NOT aiming for a Duvel - it will be considerably darker - but do not want it to be as heavy and spicy as the Chimay Trippel. I'm going to use some of the CSI 'Golden' syrup as I have a mixed...
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    Getting the most out of PID Control - Modelling HLT/1V, RIMS and HERMS

    Hi all, A lot of people add a PID controller to their rig as they offer awesome potential for controlling your temperatures. There are a lot of configurations and applications: 1V BIAB (internal) and HLT only; RIMS with temp control in mash or in tube (becomes the same whether 1V or 2V); HERMS...
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    Monteith's Bohemian Pils

    Wow, DMS. If you want to know what it smells like, grab this beer. The malt and hops are ok but unfortunately drowned out by the DMS, and weren't special enough to be of note. Sorry guys... The Black beer is unreal but this one isn't too flash.
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    Permanent marker for mash tuns

    Hey guys, This bad boy seems to tick all the boxes (permanent, waterproof, non-toxic) for marking plastics and potentially even stainless if you're not confident with etching...
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    Fermenter transfer temperature indication - idea with less valves/part

    So a lot of people (not those who no-chill) use a dial thermometer to show the temp of the wort going into the fermenter. Usually this is a threaded tee piece, elbow and valve. I guess this is ok, but if I can minimise a threaded fitting or a valve then I think that's a good idea. They can...
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    SSR Mounting

    I always seem to see heatsinks mounted inside boxes with SSR's which is ugly (and probably not the best for SSRs) or we see the SSR outside the box which exposes the 240V terminals to being touched which isn't best practice. I have attached some photos of another way to mount the heatsink and...