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  1. quadbox

    Dirty beer lines/stained

    If it were a commercial long-line system you'd clean it with a caustic solution (it's typically some proprietry mix of sodium or potassium hydroxide and other bits, dyed so it's very obviously not water or beer). The stuff is nasty as hell but it will strip off any sort of staining or nasties...
  2. quadbox

    Suggestions for a new brand of regulator

    It's pretty hard to go wrong with micromatic. Easy to find service parts for, they're well designed in the first place, ... But they are a bit on the pricey side.
  3. quadbox

    Must on a stir plate?

    Every time I've tried to throw a demijohn on the stirplate it hasnt worked, the domed bottom kills it. Do the whole brew in a 5L erlenmeyer flask maybe? lol
  4. quadbox

    Keg Brew

    Sodium percarbonate to clean the lines, starsan to sanitise them. Put some in a keg, push it through the lines, leave for an hour, then push through plenty of clean water to rinse. Commercial beer line cleaner's a very strong usually liquid caustic that gets diluted and run through, which is...
  5. quadbox

    Nitro Beer Gas - Non Rental

    It's owned by air liquide, and they only do rental/accounts. The guy who sold it to you didnt own it either.
  6. quadbox

    Poor Attenuation

    But I mean if it's a problem with yeast viability or underpitching, you're still at 1.030... Nothing stopping you adding another pitch and seeing if it'll attenuate some more. Jack the temp up a couple of degrees to ~ 20C, add some more yeast, and see if it fixes the problem. How much yeast...
  7. quadbox

    Poor Attenuation

    Calibrated that thermometer lately?
  8. quadbox

    Should I get into kegging?

    The only reason you shouldnt get in to kegging is if you're the sort of strange masochist who enjoys washing bottles
  9. quadbox

    How to stop burner from cranking concrete?

    Can also lay down some fire bricks
  10. quadbox

    Hooking up a Soda Stream machine to a 6kg C02 bottle

    I was rather hoping not to need to go down that route, simply because the regulator's high pressure guage is a million times better than the tiny one on the sodastream hose. Oh well.
  11. quadbox

    Hooking up a Soda Stream machine to a 6kg C02 bottle

    I dont spose you're selling the type-30 regulator double adapters kegking used to have but no longer do... was part number RET3468. Would be handy so I can use a freedomone and a regulator at the same time
  12. quadbox

    Hooking up a Soda Stream machine to a 6kg C02 bottle

    I've got a freedom one, it works great. Was more like $90 delivered, not $150. EDIT - One thing I dont have, that I'd like, is a high pressure type-30 female to type-30 male t- or y- adapter so I can have it and my regulator attached to the bottle at the same time... I could have sworn...
  13. quadbox

    Supporting fermentors in a fridge

    I've usually cut a sheet of marine plywood to fit the existing (bottom) rails, then cut a suitable central support (often from the same sheet of plywood) to carry the central weight on the floor in front of the compressor hump. Have been successful over the years with even 2x 60L fermenters...
  14. quadbox

    WTB: Michael Jackson Beer books

    Lots of copies on abebooks, which is my usual go-to for out of print books. I have a hardcover of one of his books iirc, and would probably be willing to part with it, I'll have a look-see tomorrow
  15. quadbox

    Beer Chillers / Glycol Systems / Icebanks.

    Incidentally, according to SS brewtech's support when I emailed them a monthish ago, they're releasing a version of their glycol chiller in AUS quote-unquote "soon"
  16. quadbox

    C02 gas hose

    I've used the curly bracton stuff commercially, was fuckin awesome. Had the gas disconnects mounted on the roof of the coolroom, so your hoses were just always up out of the way. But I wouldnt use one at home unless you've got a no-return valve on it personally, the above criticism about being...
  17. quadbox

    KK Grand Deluxe Compressor Cycling

    is that ex-gst?
  18. quadbox

    beer canning melbourne

    and 60Hz, which'll matter if it's speed sensitive (and I assume it would be a little)
  19. quadbox

    Where to buy decent nano brewery systems in aus?

    Beerbelly did for that sort of money, but I assume given they've taken it off the website perhaps no longer. Shame if so, they looked awesome. The big two things you're missing in your question are batch size and throughput. "nano" to me, in the context I've heard it used, means batches in...
  20. quadbox

    Sanitiser flavour in my bloody beer

    That would be carbonic acid...
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