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  1. Cummy

    Brisbane brew shops

    +1 hoppydays
  2. Cummy

    KegLand.com.au... whata ya got?

    My original robo brew just died. Can you get replacement electrical boards.
  3. Cummy

    Brisbane grain bulk buy April 2018

    Pm sent
  4. Cummy

    Brisbane grain bulk buy April 2018

    1: Brewno Marz: 1xTFMO, 1xBB Ale, 1xWey Bo Pils, 1/2 x Wey Munich I, 1/2 x Wey Munich II, 1xWey Vienna 2: Samuel Adams: 2x BB Ale, 1x TFMO, 1x Wey Pils, 1/2x BB Wheat 3: Foxie: 1/2 BB Wheat 4: Plyplema: 1x BB Ale, 1xGF Pilsner, 1x GF Munich, 1x GF Vienna, 1/2 x BB Wheat 5: Coollinz: 1 x BB Pale...
  5. Cummy

    Brisbane grain bulk buy April 2018

    I could do with a few bags. Pick up from hoppydays preferred.
  6. Cummy

    Kegerator bulk buy

    Interested in two if this is goings ahead soonish. Otherwise I'll just purchase myself.
  7. Cummy

    Ipswich Brewers Union (IBU)

    I went to place this up, you guys are to quick.
  8. Cummy

    2017 Christmas Case Swap at pcqypcqy's - Stanthorpe SEQ 2nd Decemb

    Sorry, something has come up and I can't make the swap. I could send a beer to make numbers if necessary, but I think it would be more fair to guys that can make the effort to make it to the swap. Let me know either way. Gutted I can't make it, as the last
  9. Cummy

    Any Brisbane clubs active?

    Hi, I meet with a club at Ipswich once a month. Small club. Lots of social activities, comps, knowledge. Meet at four hearts brewery, which in itself is a good excuse to get out once a month.
  10. Cummy

    Liquid yeast wait time

    To be honest, I've only tries liquid a few times, and I simply followed directions on the back. Let stand to 21 degrees smack and wait at least 3 hours, (not necessary to wait until swollen) and pitch into wort between 18-22. I didn't realise I needed to let it sit for days. I didn't plan on...
  11. Cummy

    Liquid yeast wait time

    Smacked at start of brew and pitched after 5 hours. Not swollen, 21l, forgot to take OG but I expect 1045. No Krausen bubbles, clean wort surface.
  12. Cummy

    Liquid yeast wait time

    How long to wait for a liquid yeast to start up. Wyeast Irish ale. 17 may date, pitched at 18 degrees 78 hours ago. No visible fermentation. Is it time to throw some us05 yet?
  13. Cummy

    QLD Xmas-in-July 2017 Tasting Thread

    1) Winkle - Acerola Tarwe (Redux) - bottled 8/6/17, should be hitting its straps after 8/8/17 2) Liam - Chocolate porter brewed with carolina reapers and spices (bottled 11/7/17) 3) Seehuusen - West Coast Wit (bottled 7/7/17) 4) Nickxb - Zombie Dust APA 5) pcqypcqy - Mosaic Saison Psuedo Smash...
  14. Cummy

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    Happy for someone to text me. 0400995469
  15. Cummy

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    At Everton park now. Will wait for a pm
  16. Cummy

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    Just wondering if anyone around western suburbs, Jindalee is heading to the case swap this afternoon?
  17. Cummy

    (SE?) QLD Xmas in July Case Swap 15 July 2017

    Do you lads bottle carb, or keg and use a counter pressure bottle filler?
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