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  1. BeerSwiller

    SS brewmaster or brew bucket?

    Hi all, Just wondering what people's thoughts area about the new fermenters from SS brewing? Don't know whether to get the new version with built in thermowell or the old one and just stick on a thermometer strip? Any advice would be great
  2. BeerSwiller

    Honey/Sweet Taste developing in finished beer

    Hi All, I have made couple of brews lately and due to my own fault I don't think the filter/keg and tubing was sanitised properly or at all and once filtered and kegged the beer tasted fresh, hoppy ext (although still very green) but once it has been sitting for a few weeks noticed that it was...
  3. BeerSwiller

    Aeration - Is splashing into a fermenter enough?

    Hi All, Just wondering about the aeration thing, i have always just splashed it from the cube into fermenter but wondering if this is actually enough for happy yeast or if i should be buying an aeration kit, seem to be pretty cheap from keg king ect. I havent used yeast nutrient either so not...
  4. BeerSwiller

    Diptube flow restrictor for soda water keg?

    Hi All, I use a kegking fridge with CB font and 525ss taps, I use 2 kegs with beer and 1 keg for soda, only problem is that having a higher pressure in the soda keg, the pour at the tap is too fast. My question, has anybody used these dip tube flow restrictors from Craftbrewer...
  5. BeerSwiller

    can someone tell me what this means?

    Hi All, Brewed a green bullet lager with 100% pilsner malt and fermented out with S189 @ 12c, never seen anything like this with the head formation and the beer tastes and smells fine so i didn't think it was anything like an infection but im really not sure.. weird..
  6. BeerSwiller

    Anyone know a recipe for Quiet Deeds Pale Ale?

    Hi All, Went to the Good Food and Wine Show on the weekend, tasted a newish brew called Quiet Deeds Pale Ale, tastes pretty good. Just wondering if anyone had a recipe for it.. Without thinking about it much it might be something like this BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout -...
  7. BeerSwiller

    Keg King Hops? Any Good?

    Hi Guys, Usually get my hops from Ellerslie Hop and was wondering what the Keg King hops are like? Being cheap I assume they are probably not all that great? But wanted to check what other brewers thoughts/experiences were? Cheers!
  8. BeerSwiller

    Keg king / Kegmate kegerator fan mod?

    Hi all, I have a keg king S3 kegerator that has a small 12v fan which turns on when compressor is running, I have been considering installing a font fan to run cold air from the fridge through some flexible conduit. Wondering If anyone out there has used the existing fan and boxed that into a...
  9. BeerSwiller

    Kegerator Co2 Splitting - Manifold or T-Pieces?

    Hi All, Just bought more kegs so i can run 3 kegs instead of just the single one I have connected at the moment, just wondering what the best way to split the Co2 would be? Use a manifold or use a 3 way cross type splitter? Any help would be great here. Thanks
  10. BeerSwiller

    Stainless Pluto Gun (used to dispense only 2 19lt Kegs)

    Hi All, I originally purchased this to use in the kegerator instead of having a font and tap system, ended up being a pain in the arse opening the door every time to pour a beer. Anyway its only been used to dispense 2 kegs and is in new condition, $70ono and ill pay for postage.
  11. BeerSwiller

    Craftbrewer font to replace pluto gun?

    Hi All, Just been using a pluto gun with a KegKing S3 fridge for the last few weeks and although it works ok, i have had a problem twice with the gun leaking overnight and causing a mess. I have been looking at alot of fonts locally and from O/S and just wanted some info from anyone who has the...
  12. BeerSwiller

    20Lt malt pipe for 50Lt Braumeister for sale

    Hi Guys, Got this new 20Lt malt pipe to suit the 50Lt BM which I do not need since I only have a 20Lt BM anyway. Nothing wrong with this apart from a slight ding in the top edge which you can see in the photo, i have bent this back up however if you were picky it isn't dead flat and slighly...
  13. BeerSwiller

    eBay Triple Font Setup

    Hi all, Just about to pull the trigger on this font to add to my keg king fridge, the seller has offered to fit it with 4mm beer (I've only used 5mm, I assume 4mm will be ok??) Anyway would be great to hear if anyone has dealt with this seller or is using the same font/tap setup...
  14. BeerSwiller

    Vinyl Tubing vs Flexmaster II Tubing

    Hi again, Am still working on getting all the parts for a kegerator and was wondering what people's opinion on Barfell Vinyl tubing was? I have only used Flexmaster II in the past and although I've never had a problem it does seem fairly rigid... I was going to try the Barfell 5mm tubing as I...
  15. BeerSwiller

    What size Co2 cylinder do most people get? 2.6Kg or larger type 6 or 6

    Im up for a Co2 Cylinder for a kegerator and are a bit stuck as to which one to get, the 2.6Kg is a nice size to fit in or strapped to the back of the fridge but the 6kg type is only $50 more and would last a long time... just awkward to try and move around.. Do most people use a small one...
  16. BeerSwiller

    John Guest or Barbed on New Kegerator

    Hi All, I am making up a new kegerator (keg king series 3) to replace my old kelvinator fridge that my dad has now taken and wont give back :) and was wondering if I should use JG fittings like I have been using or the barbed type.. I have heard of a couple of people that have gone to the...
  17. BeerSwiller

    Smash Warrior/bb Pale

    Hi All, Going to break out a SMaSH brew with just BB Pale malt and using warrior hops, was aiming to make a light drinkable beer for people that are not too accustomed to home brew. Looking at 3kg Pale 500g sugar 13.5g Warrior 15%AA @ 60min ---Should I add more additions or leave as a plain...
  18. BeerSwiller

    Recipe Needed Please :)

    Hi Guys Ive got a fair amount of grain available but just need a recipe to suit the hops i have and arent quite sure what to make. Hops i have in stock are: PoR Cascade Tettnanger Northern Brewer Aramis Nelson Sauvignon B Saaz Ive already given these recipes a hard hit so any other...
  19. BeerSwiller

    Wyeast Equivalent For Coopers Recultured Yeast?

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows of a Wyeast that is the equivalent or very similar to the coopers recultured yeast? Thanks heaps
  20. BeerSwiller

    Sanitisation And Kegging

    Hi All, I've probably kegged about 60 brews so and have always sanitised the filter and keg with iodophor prior to filling, however due to laziness recently I have just filtered straight into the keg without sanitising and seems to be fine (taste wise). Since the beer is chilled to about 2c in...