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    Keggerator Upgrade - Beer Level Indicator

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    Cheap Keg And Carboy Cleaner

    I was looking to save a bit of elbow grease on cleanup and saw one of these plastic keg and carboy washers: http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/mark-s-keg-washer.html $100 seems a bit rich for a bit of plastic and a chinese submersible pump. I've played around with the water fountain version of...
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    Dry Hopped Hot Dogs

    http://www.brewgeeks.com/1/post/2012/04/dr...d-hot-dogs.html Doesn't sound like my kettle of fish.
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    Calibrated Carboys

    Pretty ordinary weather here, a few flurries, so we did this today. SWMBO did the masking and I applied the etching agent. Turned out pretty well, except they are in yank units.
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    Apparently We're The Suckers Who Will Want It

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    Fcuk These Guys And The Horse They Rode In On

    TOKYO (AP) -- Japan is spending 2.3 billion yen ($29 million) from its supplementary budget for tsunami reconstruction to fund the country's annual whaling hunt in the Antarctic Ocean, a fisheries official confirmed Thursday. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/A/AS_...EMPLATE=DEFAULT
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    How Not To Defend Your Beer Pr Stunt

    So I guess we all know that ad firms create viral videos for products. But these marketing drones invading our blogs trying to pass their viral videos off as "fan created" is a bit much. Just goes to show what micro breweries are up against...
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    Would You Eat Frozen Coors Light To Survive?

    So essentially he survived on frozen water? http://www.news.com.au/world/man-survives-...5#ixzz1fitBh3cD Well there wouldn't be light beer like in my car for starters. We would probably have cans of Dale's Pale Ale or Modus Hoperandi in ours. Maybe some Santa Fe Java Stout. Much better...
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    Today I Learned, Homebrewing Is Illegal In Alabama

    With all muh hundrud gallons of beer or mead whatever that is. Man you gonna make err' body up in here wineos.
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    Automated Growler Fillers

    In the more popular breweries a pubs here it's not uncommon for them to refuse growler fills during peak times. It just takes too much staff time. So I was surprised to see this automated growler filler in Fort Collins Brewing in Colorado earlier this year. I didn't get a change to get a...
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    Computer Controlled Yeast

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    How To Chuck Your Stainless Steel Bling In The Sea

    That fermenter takes a massive hit
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    Automated Airlock Bubble Counter

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    How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Black Ipa

    http://www.craftbeer.com/pages/stories/cra...-love-black-ipa Black IPA it is.
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    Boring German Beer

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe...uTSL_story.html I hope they don't just blame the economy and realise that consumers tastes are changing. Would at least love to see the german equivalent of a AIPA. Big zesty noble hop PA - ala Victory Pils from Pennsylvania.
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    History And Beer Tricks

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    Desktop Wallpaper

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    Hop Cigars

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    Batz Has Competition

    A new nano-brewery http://blindbatbrewery.com/ Wow I wish Aussie law makers would let us all do this as easily. http://hessbrewing.blogspot.com/2009/11/na...ies-in-usa.html
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    Colorado Eastern Slopes Brewery Reviews

    Just spent a week in the Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins area. It's one of New Mexico's neighbouring states. I consider this area one of the beer capitals of the US. Maybe only out ranked by Portland Oregon and San Diego. It's summer here, so long days. I was working during the...