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    Johnno On The Radio

    Tune in to 891 on the AM scale. tdh
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    Does anybody add SO2 to the mash? If so, have you noticed any benefits? tdh
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    Sparklet Co2 Bottles

    Anybody in Adelaide know where these can be found? tdh
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    Anyone For Ris At The Wheaty

    Anybody as keen as me to go for a MooBrew RIS tonight? tdh
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    Moo Brew Ris At The Wheaty

    Moo Brew Russian Imperial Stout on tap (and hand pump) at the Wheaty today. I'll be there after work supping on a schooner. Anyone else keen? tdh
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    Goat Ipa

    On tap at the Wheatsheaf and finally tasting brilliant in this incarnation. Do yourselves a favour... tdh aka GT
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    18 Gallon (80 Litre) Kettle (aka Keg) On Ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com.au/COURAGE-BREWERIES-m...1QQcmdZViewItem The perfect kettle. tdh
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    18 Gallon Keg Needed

    Howdy brewers, does anyone in the Adelaide region have an 18 gallon keg available, any condition is fine. Regards, tdh
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    Wyeast 5112 Bretonmyces Bruxilensis

    Has anyone used it and if so how? We've 2 beers (a 6% that's in secondary and a planned 4% version), where do you think it should go? In primary or secondary of the 4% or now into the secondaried 6%'er? These beers are to be blended at bottling time so the flavour will be diluted by half...
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    100% All-wheat All-grain Wheat Beer

    Anybody ever attempted a 100% All-Wheat All-Grain Wheat Beer? tdh
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    Why Still Use Srm + Lovibond?

    If the majority of malt sold in Australia is sold with EBC ratings why do we keep seeing recipes quoted on the AHB with wanky yanky doodle ratings. Are brewers out there going to the trouble of converting EBC ratings over to SRM or Lovibond to keep someone happy? If we standardised we would...
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    ***grumpy's Brewhaus Oktoberfest 2005***

    :party: A reminder that the Grumpy's Brewhaus Oktoberfest 2005 is on this weekend from 12-7pm both days. German food (Weisswurst, Kartoffelpuffer etc.) German beer (Oktoberfest Celebration Lager [the Arab's recipe and manual labour]), live German music (and Country Blues), Folk dancing and...
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    Oktoberfest At Grumpy's Brewhaus

    ***Oktoberfest at Grumpy's Brewhaus*** 29th and 30th Oktober (last weekend of the month). Two days of Grumpy's micro-brewed beers, including our purpose brewed Oktoberfest Festbier and Honey Wheat Lager. German food incl. Kartoffelpuffer, Weisswurst, Brezen, Streuselkuchen etc. Live...
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    Freeminer Ipa + Adnams Broadside

    Has anybody else had these beauties? The IPA is a genuine IPA - malty, dryish and bitter. The Broadside is a full flavoured strong ale, my favourite, great flavour and well balanced with a sexy amber/red colour. tdh
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    Altbier In Duesseldorf

    Has anyone here been to Duesseldorf and had Alt at the brewpubs there? tdh
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    Wanna See My Cluster?

    With the unusual wet and warm weather in Adelaide my Cluster and Hallertauer hops have gone bananas! How are everybody elses? tdh