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  1. bottlerocket

    Partial Lager Recipe

    i do a tin of muntins premium pilsener,1.8 kg JW pils,200 grams carapils just a little hallertau into secondary and saflager 34/70
  2. bottlerocket

    Melbourne Pubs

    thanks for the tips guys i think i may have to extend my stay though the belgian cafe seems like a goodin cheers
  3. bottlerocket

    Melbourne Pubs

    hey guys im heading down to melbourne for a few days each side of new years. is there any brew pubs that are a must see? where do the well informed locals drink? and lastly is the CUB tour worthwhile? any advice appreciated go those backpacker hostels :P
  4. bottlerocket

    League & Union Results

    i cant wait till these new sedition laws come in :P
  5. bottlerocket

    Using Commercial Beer Bottles

    phoenix i reuse crown seal bottles like becks with no probs i even use longnecks with twist tops ok glass is thinner but i havnt had a bomb yet those pet bottles are pretty good for beer that you will drink fairly quick,just not for long storage
  6. bottlerocket

    Fridge Makeovers

    there should be a comp for who has the skankiest fridge mine is god awfull but on the lowest setting it sits sweet at 12 C so it gets to stay
  7. bottlerocket

    Brew Like A Monk

    im a truck driver so i listen to all the beer podcasts, i like the brewing network best, some shows are over 3 hours
  8. bottlerocket

    Brew Like A Monk

    tangent the 3 part wyeast interview is a goodin
  9. bottlerocket

    Brew Like A Monk

    brew like a monk 24.95 at dymocks picked up last friday what a great read
  10. bottlerocket

    Boozys Sugar Monster

    what sort of hops did you use boozy? sounds like a neat beer whats that like 8.7 % ?
  11. bottlerocket

    Stuck Lid

    hehehe american pie try australian fermenter
  12. bottlerocket

    Hops How Do I Bag Them Use Them?

  13. bottlerocket

    Hops How Do I Bag Them Use Them?

    i just dump pellets in the fermenter before adding wort, they settle into the trub and you dont need a bag i wouldnt do it with plugs though as the barstards float
  14. bottlerocket

    New To Brewing

    i spray brewshield from a spray bottle up inside the tap after i take a sample it really only needs it just before racking/bottling.
  15. bottlerocket

    Best Album Purchased This Year 2005

    yeh i saw wolfmother at homebake last year and they rocked the ep they relased has some damn fine tracks black sabbath meet led zep
  16. bottlerocket

    Best Album Purchased This Year 2005

    bloc party - silent alarm
  17. bottlerocket

    Serving Coopers Pale Ale With Or Without Sediment

    i do both hot days like today i dont mix it up but cold days and sessions i mix it in mm tasty
  18. bottlerocket

    Wanted - 750ml Bottles - Melbourne

    try plasdene i think in melb they are at preston google and you will find the website they make new 640 ml bottles pretty cheap the type that you find in your lhbs very good quality
  19. bottlerocket

    Copper Pipe

    k thanks guys ill try saddos tommorow
  20. bottlerocket

    Copper Pipe

    just tried the immersion chiller links in the faq section but they wont load. where do you guys get your copper pipe for your DIY chillers? what size? what length roughly? i might whip one up on the weekend cheers