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  1. callio

    Footy Tipping

    Does anyone get into footy tipping here? Should we start our own comp?
  2. callio

    What Is This Yeast?

    I bought some yeast from a health food shop in Bendigo, and all it says is "Brewer's Yeast" on the label. It has no brand (it's just a white label with nutrition info) anyhow, it only cost a couple of bucks, and I was just wondering if I could use it in a brew and what kind of tolerence it will...
  3. callio

    Ginger Beer

    Found this recipe here: http://brewing-at-home.tumblr.com/page/4 and wondered if it would work and what kind of yeast to use. Ginger Beer 1kg root ginger 2 lemons 2 limes 1tsp cream of tartar 1tsp crushed chilli 500g molasses 2kg while sugar Food process the ginger into pot...
  4. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    Hey all, I am a relatively new brewer, having only brewed the following: kit of morgan's ginger beer JAO honey mead some simple apple cider with ALDI juice and a few experimental wines well, being not much of a beer drinker, I wanted to start with something a little sweeter than your regular...