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    Keg With Bung Hole

    I've got a keg like this one on ebay. Any suggestions on the best way to use it as a HLT / Boiler / Mash-tun? The bung hole being the main problem. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi...4355827165&rd=1
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    High Pressure Regulator

    Hi All, Can someone please post some detailed specs for the high pressure regulator they are using with the NASA burner? I've bought the burner and want to make sure I get the right reg. Cheers, Corey
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    Irish And Scottish Ale Yeast

    Hi All, I've brewed an Irish Stout and a Kilkenny clone with the 1084 Irish Ale yeast. Are there any other styles that this yeast would suit? Any recipes? Similarly, I've brewed a Russian Imperial and a Scotish Ale with the 1728 Ale yeast. Are there some other styles well suited to this...
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    Buck's Party

    Hi All, I thought I'd post a quick message about some of the great pubs I visited (and great beers I tasted) on my buck's pub crawl at the Rocks in Sydney. The goal was to never drink the same beer more than once. 1100 - Fortune of War - JS Pilsner and Blue Tongue Lager 1200 - Orient - JS...
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    Special Roast

    I am planning to brew an American Brown Ale in the near future. The recipe I was planning to use calls for "Special Roast". A U.S. website provides the following description: "Imparts a "biscuit" flavor. 50 Lov. Distinctive orange-red'ish color. Excellent for nut brown ales (5-10%), porters...
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    Commercial Freezer - Trading Post

    I don't know if it's still available or not, but for all you people in and around Sydney, I saw this in the trading post today: Commercial freezer, large, stainless steel, double doors, free, must be picked up NORTH RYDE 02-9805 1287
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    Carapils - Mash Or Steep?

    Hi All, I've been reading a lot of conflicting views on weather carapils (dextrin malt) should be mashed or steeped. John Palmer writes the following in Section 2, Chapter 12 of the online version "Dextrin Malt 3 L Also known as American Carapils, this malt is used sparingly and contributes...
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    Does anyone have any info on how many IBUs are in the Coopers kits? In particular: - Coopers Lager - Coopers Draught - Coopers Real Ale - Coopers Old Dark Ale - Coopers Bitter I know Grumpy's identify the IBUs on their kits. Do any other retailers / distributors do this?
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    Gas Regulator

    Hi All, I'm keen to get into kegging. I'm planning to source a lot of the stuff from the U.S., but unfortunately this isn't possible for the gas regulator (the yanks have to do it different don't they!). Does anyone have a gas regulator that they no longer need or use? Alternatively, does...