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  1. mjadeb1984

    Keezer, gas and brew gear Adelaide

    keezer centrex chest freezer modified with collar, stc1000 temp control, eBay two tap font with perlick flow control taps, gas bottle and regulator. All tubing connected with John guest fittings, 2 corny kegs included $500 for the lot Modified legal keg with 2200w element, sight glass and...
  2. mjadeb1984

    Switching back to bottling from kegs

    Hi all. I'm about to do something Drastic. I'm gonna give up on kegging and switch back to bottles. Crazy you say? You'll regret it? Maybe. I'll tell you why. First, don't get me wrong, I love brewing my own beer, I love everything about it. except after the birth of my first child and another...
  3. mjadeb1984

    March pump 809 for sale Adelaide

    March pump 809 for sale used 5-6 times also included 2x 1/2" SS male camlock fittings and a 3 piece SS ball valve all brought from prochem Can buy them online around the $270 mark so let's say, including the fittings $220 ono
  4. mjadeb1984

    Going rate for a March pump?

    Hi all just wondering what the going rate for a March pump is. I cannot remember how much I paid and thinking of selling it it's an 809 HS HS a look around bs no one seems to have any for sale? Cheers
  5. mjadeb1984

    A Base Ipa For Experimentation

    Hey i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of a good AG recipe for a IPA that i could use as a base to start experimenting with hop flavors. similer to the mikkeller single hop series. im after something to be a bit of a staple at home with a different twist each time. Cheers
  6. mjadeb1984

    Another Stc 1000 Problem

    hi all i have searched this and no help found. i just connected up my STC 1000 that i have wired up in a nce little box, But it is not out putting 240V at the cooling terminals. ive tested its got 240 coming in and with my multimeter over the cooling terminals the cooling light flashing...
  7. mjadeb1984

    Kegging Options

    Hi all, busted open the money box the other week and decided i want to get a kegging setup going. at the moment i have at my disposal, 1 med size newish fridge/freezer (freezer ontop), 1 Big old fridge freezer (fridge ontop) and a work mate has offered me a chest freezer for $75 but it is quite...
  8. mjadeb1984

    Loads Of Cascade

    hi all i recently brought 500g of NZ cascade flowers and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a good kits and bits recipe using them, im in the process of seting up my AG brewery so still using the extracts Cheers mic
  9. mjadeb1984

    Hammacher Schlemmer Microbrwery

    anyone seen this http://www.hammacher.com/Product/12157?promo=search nice looking piece of kit but $45000 dayum. :o
  10. mjadeb1984

    Abit Of Cider Advice.

    hi all last tuesday the 29th of may i put down i cider. ingrediants as followed 1 can black rock cider 1 x 2.4L berri apple juice 1 x 2.4L berri apple and pear juice 250g lactose and a brew enhancer pack consisting of 500g dex 250g light DME 250g Malto dextrine. and i used a Wyeast Cider...
  11. mjadeb1984

    Cheap Ss Pots

    Hi all went into beerbelly today and was told they have a cheaper brand of SS pot, that she reckoned were on par if not better quality than robinox. i got a 70L pot for $197.00 has anyone got one of these? any reports/reviews? cheers :D
  12. mjadeb1984

    Help Needed Filtering Into Secondary?

    hi all about a week ago i put down a extrct and bits golden ale based on dr smurtos AG recipe. as i didnt have a grain bag or hop sock alot of crap including all the hops ended up in the fermenter due to my rush and not really thinking it would be much of a problem. now, today i took a sample...
  13. mjadeb1984

    Asahi Kit

    hi at the moment im brewing an asahi clone kit from brewcraft, it has been fermenting for three weeks now in my temp controlled fridge at approx 12 degrees C ( as needed by the saaf yeast included in the kit). so i was just wondering, 1 if the low temp yeast takes longer to finish? 2 the SG...