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  1. potof4x

    Swap Hops / Flaked Corn 2761

    Moving House so clearing the freezer. Hops always remained frozen and generally sealed in vacum packages after split/heat sealed in original packages. Various American and euro hops 2011 -2016 + quantity of aged hops. Also >1kg flaked maize ex craftbrewer 2016, likewise has lived in the freezer...
  2. potof4x

    For Sale: Kegs, Reg, pump and bits. Brisbane

    Would you cut a deal on the brumbies, freezer and bottle reg and cage?
  3. potof4x

    Celli tap seal kit - WTB

    Craftbrewer have them listed
  4. potof4x

    Cannot remove shank from font

    A heat gun directed at the nuts may help loosen things up. Are you interested in selling the taps-I'm looking to down grade?
  5. potof4x

    Craft Beer On The Sunshine Coast Qld

    Add star liquor on aerodrome Rd to your list, just stopped by after dropping a rental at Hertz, range looks good.
  6. potof4x

    Craft Beer On The Sunshine Coast Qld

    Looking forward to going to 10 toes for the first time myself over Easter, been hearing some good things. Will vouch for the black bunny with excellent and extensive tap and bottle selection, but they may still not have take always available. Taps has good food but the selection can be hit and...
  7. potof4x

    ebay and gum tree finds

  8. potof4x

    shortening corny gas post tube

    I'm only guessing but I suppose that the headspace created by the longer gas in post allows an amount of gas to be coming out of the pressure relief if enough thermal expansion takes place, rather than liquid?
  9. potof4x

    shortening corny gas post tube

    Never heard of or thought it. First thing I'm going to do when I get home but.
  10. potof4x

    Wanted: Tap Bits and or Taps

    Cheers for the reply MB! The stainless flow control perlicks look sensational and the forward seal just "makes sense". If I'm ever investing in new taps that's the way I would go. I'm actually looking to get out of the kegarators I have and (after paying for a wedding and moving house) into a...
  11. potof4x

    Wanted: Tap Bits and or Taps

    A long shot but Does anyone have 1 each of the pictured bits they would be willing to part with? I'm assuming they're from chinese taps - they came with a second hand kegerator. Also chasing a pair of 2nd hand taps prefer flow control for mounting to a kegerator font if any body has them...
  12. potof4x

    Band aid from chlorine or wild yeast?

    HI all, I've been hit with an infection that gave a Bandaid phenolic that was so strong that it completely dominated any other aromas or flavours. For those that have the chlorinated water problem - Is the taste of chlorinated water in finished beer that strong? Or does it form more of...
  13. potof4x

    G'Day from SW Qld

    1 can coopers dark ale 1 can coopers stout 23L volume. Areate and use 2 x coopers packet yeast (14g)and ferment at constant 18C. Nottingham is also a good yeast for this recipe
  14. potof4x

    G'Day from SW Qld

    Definitely get on the temperature control, and at least equally important is cleaning and sanitation. Clean and happy yeast are crucial to brewing good beer! I've used the dark ale kit along with a coopers stout tin to make a "toucan" which I can highly recommend. The robust taste of a stout may...
  15. potof4x

    G'Day from SW Qld

    Welcome to the forum and the hobby! It can be a long way between craft beers in the great southeast so as good a reason as any to get into homebrewing :) There's some good advice to be had on here for sure. If Toowoomba is accessible to you there is a brew club going there called TOOSOBA...
  16. potof4x

    Pig on a Spit?

    A guy in town here does pigs in a Philipino style,they come out succulent and crackling like breaking glass. Some tips after doing a few with him.. Ensure it' is at room temperature before cooking. Prick the skin randomly with the tip of a knife to allow the fat to render out without the skin...
  17. potof4x

    where to get a beer in Brisbane?

    Checkout the Gresham. A whiskey bar but great ambience and some nice boilermakers.
  18. potof4x

    Brewman takes over Mark's Home Brewing (NSW)

    G'day, Looking around for ingredients for a kellerbier recipe that calls for 100% tettnanger hops. Noticed you have some T45 pellets listed, what year and AA% are they?