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    Night Of The Living Funk + Belgian Beer Fest

    My time here in the States has drawn rapidly to a close; back in November, but time for one last huzzah... a solo trek up to Boston this weekend for the Beer Advocate NOTF and BBF. I think this is the most scared I've ever been about a beer trip. I know I've only tried about 20% of the NOTF...
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    Sandgroper Meeting ~dec 07?

    Back in August, I posted the following: "...a micro tasting for the Perthites come December - I've checked with Customs, and getting 24 longnecks won't actually cost me that much in duty and GST to get back into Australia. I'm thinking if you guys can agree on say a dozen beers you really want...
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    Flying Saucer

    Went along to the Flying Saucer to meet Johnny Max on Sat arvo, and have a crack at their wall of taps. We tried hard, but SWMBO (x2) were on hand to ensure some sensibility. They have several hundred beers available, with ~105 on tap, they recommend flights of beers where you have pony size...
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    New Book - Brewing Classic Styles

    Not sure if this one has been mentioned before, but the Brewing Network is taking preorders for the new book by Jamil and John. Both voices in the field I respect, and have placed an order... another book in the library, and just in time for an early Christmas order!
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    Suitability For A Hlt / Mash Stirrer

    So, I was searching through posts past, looking for some good ideas wrt mixing an HLT (for proper temp distribution) and/or the mash (for temp distribution and avoidance of doughballs in an automated system). I was staggered at the abilities of some of the AHB folk who come up with beautiful...
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    I've heard the term before when describing lightstruck beers, but not until I re-ran over some fresh roadkilled skunk this morning did I truly understand the smell. It smells exactly, I kid you not, exactly like that 3 year old stubbie of Carlton Cold, or most bottled Heineken I've ever tried...
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    Diy Tap Handles

    I know DIY tap handles have had a run on AHB, but havent seen anyone post about this type before, and thought it was a great way to personalise your setup. Ever since seeing the Rogue Ale tap handles, which feature grain in a transparent tap shaft Ive been thinking about making my own...
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    Automation - Pid Capabilities

    Apologies for yet another thread, but I'm looking at some basic automation; literally not much more than plug and play. (Note: when I say basic, I mean without the level of detailed electronics experience shown by some of our members :P ) I'd like some advice on the viability of this option...
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    Split Keg - Hopback And Regular

    So, I'm thinking that I might install a water filter hopback to my chest freezer setup, and look at running one keg through to two taps; one through the hopback, the other au natural. That way I'll be able to choose whether I want the extra hop hit in the IPA's... (who am I kidding, I'll drink...
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    New Favourite Font

    A fella can dream can't he? 6 tap, glycol chilled font WITH built in telly... ...one powerball...
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    Co2 Refills In Perth

    Word of warning for those with private cylinders or looking to acquire one and are wanting refills; Air Liquide in Henderson have stopped refilling. I've been hiring a 4.5 kg DS bottle off them for a few years, and returned it yesterday, also looking for a refill of my 1 kg bottle (for miracle...
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    Houston Experiences?

    So, as Murphy would have it (and Murphy always gets his way in the end), I've spent the last 15-odd months collecting the bits to upgrade my brew system into a u-beaut AG kit. I've got the s/s valves/couplers/nipples, etc, the polysulphone QD, the silicone hose, the pumps, the fixed and handheld...
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    "judging" Experience

    All this talk about judges in other threads makes me recall an experience over the weekend. So, Im down south with a dozen mates for a bucks weekend. Ive taken along my party keg/miracle box to christen, with a keg of hefe and one of a SNPA clone. The boys are all impressed, and being my 4th...
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    Use Of Champagne Yeast

    Okey-doke, so after 16 days the 3787 has chewed it's way through just about all of the sugar in the dark belgian, and we've dropped from 1.110 to 1.033... I was planning to wait a couple more days till the gravity readings completely drop off, rack it to secondary and then finish it off with...
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    Put down a Belgian Strong Dark on Sunday arvo, pitching a healthy 3L starter at 21C and giving it 45 minutes with an airstone. About an hour later we had a bubbling airlock and by Monday morning some krausen starting to appear in the airlock. Monday night saw a fair bit of yeast in the airlock...
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    Crema - Matilda Bay

    Tried Matilda Bay's new "out there" offering this arvo - Crema. They didn't have much info on it at the bar except that it has coffee in it. Now, all the beers brewed with coffee I've tried to date have been dark beers - stouts and imperials. This beer, this is different. It looks like a trad...
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    Electric Hlt

    So, next question. Im looking at an electric HLT, with a fixed immersion element. The HLT is 500mm diameter and 500mm high (98L volume). Ill be doing both single and double batches, so the limiting factor will be the height of the element for a single batch (eg 40L, which will be ~200mm from...
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    Ag Brew Frame

    Like everyone else it seems :rolleyes: Im putting together an AG rig, and Im currently speccing up a frame. Ive decided to go single tier, and will be using 3 98L Robinox pots (500mm diameter). The MLT and HLT will be elec temp controlled and the kettle fired by a NASA. So, 2 quick questions...
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    Keg Barstools

    I'm pretty sure I saw it here, but now I can't locate the post; someone had posted some pics of kegs turned into stools... if anyone kept a link (coulda swore I did :blink: ) and can post it here, it would be appreciated. Cheers, Ant
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    Check Valves

    Anyone come across any foodgrade 1/2" check valves in their travels? I'm looking to fit the valve on the outlet of a pump and connect it to 1/2" silicon tube. I've had a squiz at the JG ones, but the wall thickness of the silicon hose means this wil be no good. As to why, this is on the advice...