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  1. My Brews

    My Brews

    Just a bunch of photos from my brewing adventures
  2. callio

    What Is This Yeast?

    Haha, thanks all. I will definately try it on the popcorn. Good to know this before I tried to brew with it. At least it didn't set me back much.
  3. callio

    Footy Tipping

    Does anyone get into footy tipping here? Should we start our own comp?
  4. callio

    What Is This Yeast?

    I bought some yeast from a health food shop in Bendigo, and all it says is "Brewer's Yeast" on the label. It has no brand (it's just a white label with nutrition info) anyhow, it only cost a couple of bucks, and I was just wondering if I could use it in a brew and what kind of tolerence it will...
  5. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    I'm in Bendigo, and I've contact BAD brewers, but they are not exactly active at the moment.
  6. callio

    Ginger Beer

    Found this recipe here: http://brewing-at-home.tumblr.com/page/4 and wondered if it would work and what kind of yeast to use. Ginger Beer 1kg root ginger 2 lemons 2 limes 1tsp cream of tartar 1tsp crushed chilli 500g molasses 2kg while sugar Food process the ginger into pot...
  7. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    Thanks Adamski29 - what you have covered here is what was in the video I saw, but thanks for clearing up the timing thing in regards to the hops timing. They also showed how to make a mash tun to keep my mash at the right temps. I think it's all starting to make sense :) Will also check out the...
  8. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    K so I mash the first four, then when I boil the wort, I add the lactose and the boiled down LME, then add the bitter after 60mins, cool down, then pitch yeast? what is the difference between 40L and 80L crystal grain? I am more of a visual learner, and whilst I've been reading the john palmer...
  9. callio

    New B.a.d. Contact

    I am in Bendigo, and would love to meet up with some brewers for advice and what not, but I am afraid I'd be the only girl.... is there any other bendigo ladies brewing out there?
  10. callio

    Heathcote Beer, Bubles And Snag Festival And Homebrew Comp

    Doh, I would have but it conflicts with an engine rally I am photographing :(
  11. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    Yeah the guy intended it to be sweet, he made it with a creamy soda flavour in mind. In his taste test, he wrote that it wasn't too cloying (what ever that means)
  12. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    Thanks for your feedback. I would like to stay true to the recipe, so i'll stick to grains rather than extracts. I shall check out the Palmer guide. It'll be a challenge but I'll get there. :)
  13. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    k so how i understand it (from what I've been reading), I boil the LME to make the caramelly/toffee flavour, add that to the grains and boil them. then after 60 mins, I add the bitter addition and boil for a bit longer, then cool it down, chuch it in fermenter and pitch yeast? then do a...
  14. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    Thanks for the reply. I think I am gonna have to do a bit of reading to figure out exactly what to do with these now I know what they are :s - I am a very new brewer. Anyone recommend a good book?
  15. callio

    Vanilla Toffee Cream Ale

    Hey all, I am a relatively new brewer, having only brewed the following: kit of morgan's ginger beer JAO honey mead some simple apple cider with ALDI juice and a few experimental wines well, being not much of a beer drinker, I wanted to start with something a little sweeter than your regular...
  16. callio

    Your Brew Names And How Did You Come Up With Them?

    My brew label is "Toad Popsicle Brews" - basically, two words my friends and I laugh about is the word toad and the word popsicle (say it over and over again, they're fun to say) so I stuck them together to come up with a name. My grapho friend designed me a label. as for each individual name...
  17. callio

    Strawberry Champagne Experiment

    Did you try this in the end? how'd it go, I am keen to try it!