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  1. jammer

    Castle Hill and NSW State Competition 2013

    3 bottles entered.... 2 I know are pretty good. 1 is a recipe I've never done before, and didn't even taste before entering, due to a stinking cold and can't taste anything. Not ideal. Fingers crossed!
  2. jammer

    Oxygenating the wort

    You can't over aerate by stirring.... 8 ppm is best case. An oxy set up let's you go up to 14ppm. Recently bought one, It's great, although takes a bit of tinkering to get the flow rate right. No gauge on regulator, so a bit of fine tuning needed, but easy when you get it dialed in
  3. jammer

    Petersham Bowlo - Sydney

  4. jammer

    Petersham Bowlo - Sydney

    Bad news, gents. Heard yesterday the Oxford is closing down. Not sure when. It's a sad day if you like looking at tits.
  5. jammer

    Ashes 2013

    Well, that's the dumbest bet I've ever made. Still.... Time to come back at old trafford??? Doubt it. Could this really be 10-0 by January??
  6. jammer

    Ashes 2013

  7. jammer

    star san mixing

    I think we have established 1.5 ml a litre. You can measure 1.56ml. I don't think it gets any less effective at higher rates.... But the important thing is it stops Being no rinse!
  8. jammer

    How long to leave in the fermenter

    Be aware if you cold crash in the f.v you are gonna get suck back from the air lock as the liquid cools. Guess its ok if you got vodka or stars an in it.
  9. jammer

    star san mixing

    Tap water is fine. It'll go cloudy, it's still fine. It kills with low ph. I use it in spray and in fv for months. As long as ph is around 2.5 you are all good. But I guess you use so little, you can afford to be liberal
  10. jammer

    star san mixing

    1.5 ml to a litre. I usually mix up a batch in an empty fermenting vessel. 15ml in 10litres.
  11. jammer

    Immersion Wort chiller bulk buy?

    Yup. That's ghetto. Awesome!
  12. jammer

    Ashes 2013

    Bring on Thursday at lords!!
  13. jammer

    Ashes 2013

  14. jammer

    3 Ring Burner Stand

    . I remember that. Looked very nasty indeed.
  15. jammer

    Ashes 2013

    On a knife edge!
  16. jammer

    Yeast Sludge / Tub collection and re-use

    Same as clown. Except jam jars. Sterilized, of course. Exceptions maybe a highly flocculant English strain, where you may have to dig into the 'cheese' with a sterilized spoon. Mmmmm cheese.
  17. jammer

    Ashes 2013

    As a pom, painfull to watch our lead slip away! But, fairs fair. Wonderfull batting display by agar. If only your batsmen played half as good as him, you'd have it wrapped up! magic 2 days of cricket so far.... Maybe some cricket inspired beer names coming up??
  18. jammer

    my 1st all grain brew on my first all grain rig!

    Think of it as lessons learned! Bet ya they get smoother and smoother as time goes on
  19. jammer

    ahb language police

    Soooo, you can't say ****? Or ****?? Shit, that's fucked.
  20. jammer

    Has anyone tried these yet?

    I have one very similar. Paid about 30 bucks on eBay. Been using for a over a year. Very reliable and steady. It reads 1 degree over the actual temp, but as long as you know that, it's no probs