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  1. canberra_student

    Is a final gravity of 1014 too high for Coopers Lager kit?

    I think I am just about ready to bottle my first brew after two weeks. However I have a question about the final gravity. My original gravity was 1037. After one week I had 1017. After two weeks I have 1014. Is that too high? It was Coopers Original Lager with Brew Enhancer No 1. That...
  2. canberra_student

    XXXX Bitter

    I am planning my second brew, and have decided to try something like XXXX bitter since my mate's a Queenslander and he loves the stuff when he can find it. I see that Morgan’s Queenslander Lager claims to be a XXXX clone. Anyone have much experience with this kit? I will mix it with 1kg...
  3. canberra_student

    Beer kit converters

    Does anyone what is in a 'beer kit converter'? The online shop description just says: The photo does not help either. I saw a mention on this forum that it contains hops and sugar? Is that right? EDIT: I am referring to kit #76 pale ale.
  4. canberra_student

    How get a beer with nice fruity taste

    The other day I had some Rumpole at the Wig and Pen after someone recommended it to me. It has a very pleasant fruity taste with only a slight bitterness so very easy for me to drink (I don't like bitter beers - I also don't like coffee). Since Im new to the world of brewing, what gives beer...
  5. canberra_student

    My first brew, and temps

    I purchased a Coopers DIY kit from Kmart yesterday. I mixed up the first batch using the DVD instructions, but have done some more research. As for temps I was aiming for 21 degrees pitching, but just couldn't get it that low during testing, I think my hot water is too hot, and the cold too...
  6. canberra_student

    Hello from Australia National University, Canberra!

    Hi, I am a 2nd year PhD student at Australia National University in Canberra. I joined the (new) ANU Beer and Brewers Club last week, and have just purchased my first kit - Coopers DIY for $90 at Kmart. Just mixed my first brew of the included Coopers Lager tin. Cheers to loads of cheap beer...