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    What to brew next?

    Ended up finding a Paulaner Hefe clone recipe Wheat 69% Pilsner 31% 120min boil with approx 40g Hersbrucker for 60min Will pitch 2 x Wyeast #3638 Bavarian Wheat Hope it turns out ok.
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    What to brew next?

    On the darling downs so cooling down ever so slowly. Biggest problem I have is storage at the moment (I have none) so I can't really store anything at a correct temp. About to go to kegs so will give one of these recipes a try that way I can try the kegs quicker as well!
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    What to brew next?

    Hi all I'am a long time listener, first time caller. Looking for some inspiration on what to brew next. Currently have a double choc stout, fat yak pale ale, baltic porter, octoberfest, bohemian pilsener & sierra nevada pale ale aging nicely (well some have mysteriously vanished) in bottles...