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    Keg Out Of Fridge

    Hey guys, I have had a keg in the fridge now for about 4 weeks and it is around half full..problem is that i need to move soon so i'll be taking the fridge away..my question is would taking the keg out and leaving it at room temp for a few weeks do any harm...or may it do it some good ?? I...
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    Amber Ale

    Just tried my first glass of my morgans amber ale today... This would have to be the best brew i have ever made... I cannot recomend enough. simple but beaut Kit + 1.5 kg LME 12g fuggles aged outside fridge 6 weeks...CC in keg 4 weeks and saving the rest for christmas...I didn't really...
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    Wheat Beer

    guys, Can any one tell me if Calton cold or hahn ice are wheat beers ?? Im looking at making one or the other soon and was trying to work out where to start.
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    Morgans Amber Ale

    Hi guys, Has any one tried a Morgans Continental amber ale before? And if so any comments. I have recently brewed a kit with 1.5 kgs of liquid malt and some fuggles as hops this has been CC in a keg for around 6 weeks now but im saving it for Christmas.
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    When To Keg

    Hi Guys, Im a new guy here and was wondering if any one had any suggestions to my brewing questions. I have been kegging my beer for some time now and beleive im making a good drop.however im always interested in improving my kegging methods . at the moment i keg when fermatation has...