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    Cider Taste

    As a b/day present I got given a Brigalow Cider kit which I made up as a simple 'kit & kilo'. Temps when brewing were kept at what I thought was reasonable, about 18C to 22C. I had my first taste the other day with mixed results. There was this taste I couldn't identify (and didn't like) and...
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    Storage Questions

    I was wondering if people could clear up some storage points for me. I saw on Grumpy's site people discussing how long they left beer in a secondary. Some left it in the secondary until they needed it. This may be 3 or more weeks. Now this makes sense to my uneducated mind. The beer is off the...
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    Why Is It Cloudy?

    I've been lurking for months on this site. I was keen to learn from you all and didn't feel 'qualified/knowledgable' enough to ask questions. It wasn't necessary really because even though I was new to brewing nothing much has gone wrong.... until now. I saw a recipe here for a Munich Helles...