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  1. J

    Why is PBW so expensive?

    Done a bit of reading thanks to these forums, and I've picked up the main ingredients of PBW from a cleaning chemical supplier, Sodium Metasilicate and Sodium Percarbonate.... Around 2-3 bucks per kilo landed for a close PBW clone minus surfactants and water softeners! I don't know why PBW...
  2. J

    Wanted: Saaz Rhizomes

    Chasing some saaz rhizomes if anyone has got any - located in Brisbane or if anyone can post cheers
  3. J

    Another 'To Decoct or Not to Decoct thread'.. Lagers...

    I just picked up a copy of 'New Brewing Lager Beer' by Noonan in the ongoing quest to brew better Lagers... It's a great book and one thing that stood out was him saying that you're not going to get really authentic taste without decocting undermodified malts... Given that the only lager malts...
  4. J

    Timmy Taylor's Landlord Clone

    I wanted to have a go at this. A Yorkshireman tells me it's a session beer, but it's 9 bucks a tallie at Dan Murphy's - I can really only afford to drink one at a time. There's a lot of recipes around but I'm not sure which are the best - I've heard having it come out too pale is a problem...
  5. J

    VB Clone

    I know this has been asked before and laughed at ('go piss in a bottle and force carbonate')... but how much sugar would be in the avg aussie beer like vb per 25 litres? would it be white sugar or raw sugar? I want to brew an improved vb or xxxx so my mates finally say my beer is good. I am sick...
  6. J

    SMaSH with Munich I = ?

    100% Munich I + Hersbruker = Dunkel? No idea what it is but I like it.. I wish that toasty character would hang around, seems to fade away over a few weeks drinking *cough* i mean lagering.
  7. J

    First Lager Advice - Diacetyl Rest?

    So I've got my first lager on.. I'm a fresh noob and have only done about 6 ales... this is 80 % pils and 20 % vienna with wyeast 2124.. It's been fermenting at 9-13 C for about a week now, OG was 1.047 and it is now at about 1.014, the krausen has dropped significantly in the last 24 hours...