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  1. bottlerocket

    Melbourne Pubs

    hey guys im heading down to melbourne for a few days each side of new years. is there any brew pubs that are a must see? where do the well informed locals drink? and lastly is the CUB tour worthwhile? any advice appreciated go those backpacker hostels :P
  2. bottlerocket

    Copper Pipe

    just tried the immersion chiller links in the faq section but they wont load. where do you guys get your copper pipe for your DIY chillers? what size? what length roughly? i might whip one up on the weekend cheers
  3. bottlerocket

    Garage Sale

    for all you newcastle/central coasters a local small wine producer at eraring is having a garage sale 2a payten st eraring i just bought a 25 litre glass demijohn for 15 tooheys keg (80) for 20 and a wilson brand stainlesselectric 12 gallon boiler on a stand with false bottom strainer and tap...
  4. bottlerocket


    hey put down a wheat on saterday night with safbrew s-33(trappist?) noticed last night small dark brown lumps on top of krausen and this arvo its dark brown all over.looks like a creme broule.i also added 3 lemons 5 mins left to boil and removed before adding to fermenter. maybey to do with...
  5. bottlerocket

    19 Days In Primary

    due to being real sick for the last couple of weeks ive only just racked my canadian blonde after 19 days on the yeast cake.still smells and tastes ok. whats the longest anybody has left a beer in the primary? temp was around 20 degrees
  6. bottlerocket

    Chai Beer

    I made up a new mead in a 5l carboy last night and steeped a bag of chai tea and added. i hear of different spices being added to meads all the time so hopefully the cinnamon/ginger/clove flavours will make a simple addition. just have to wait ages now for it to ferment. Id like to try this with...
  7. bottlerocket

    Honey Stout

    just bottled my first stout today and it tastes great,but not as much honey flavour as i expected. mabey 325 grams is not enough for a stout. anybody found the right mix for a slight honey flavour? i used 1 can morgans dockside stout 1.5 kg coopers liquid dark malt 325 gram beechworth honey 12...
  8. bottlerocket

    Ginger Beer Sediment

    hey guys ive got a coopers ginger beer kit about ready to bottle but im unsure about the sediment in the bottom of the fermenter. being a ginger beer do i stir this sediment back into solution before i bottle or leave it as per a normal beer? i plan to add a little fresh ginger to each bottle...