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  1. almopec

    Bottle storage in small townhouse

    I use milk crates and just stack them as high as I can lift them. I get about 15 longnecks in a crate. And so long as you get the better quality crates, they lock together well when stacked up and there's no fear of the bottom falling out. You can even use different colour crates for different...
  2. almopec

    2013 Hop Plantations, Show Us Your Hop Garden!

    At my joint on southern suburbs of Sydney my cascade, Saaz, hersbrucker and Mt hood are all up. And like danwood I'm also growing my hops up in front of my back windows for shelter from the northern sun like a big green awning.
  3. almopec

    Bulk Tassie hops anyone?

    Im keen on a kg of the cascade, and maybe a kg of something else but haven't decided yet. Cheers
  4. almopec

    out of date white labs yeast

    That makes sense I guess
  5. almopec

    out of date white labs yeast

    It's 18 months out of date, but not too worried about that as I was always planning to try it with a starter first. I am really keen to try this yeast as I got it a while back before taking a breaking break from brewing before moving and renovating a new home. I was mostly concerned that it...
  6. almopec

    out of date white labs yeast

    Hi all, Quick question should I use an out of date white labs yeast (San Diego super yeast) that fizzed like I was opening a beer, when I opened it? I was planning on making a starter to see if I could get it going again after finding it at the back of the fridge. No big deal if I can't, but...
  7. almopec

    Syd Craftbrewer Fwk Bulk Buy

    So the $49 FWK (on website) will be $37, and the $55 FWK will be $45? maybe I will get a couple after all.
  8. almopec

    Syd Craftbrewer Fwk Bulk Buy

    I know we went through all this a while back, but is Ross from CB, still intending to chuck in the yeast free?
  9. almopec

    Syd Craftbrewer Fwk Bulk Buy

    Count me in again, I'm in the process of moving, so this might be my best chance at keeping production ticking along. Now to work out which one
  10. almopec

    What are you listening to

    The first four BLACK SABBATH albums
  11. almopec

    Free Empty Longnecks Sydney

    Hi all, first up I'm in Sydney, in the St George area. Second up, we will moving in a few weeks to a smaller house, that doesn't have 4 sheds and ample storage space for hundreds and hundreds of empty beer bottles. So SWMBO has told me that I can only take a couple of hundred empties to the...
  12. almopec

    Sydney Brew Shops

    yep, I can vouch for both the Peakhurst and St Mary's stores. I live near The Brew Shop in Peakhurst (ESB is The Brew Shop btw)and work near Absolute Homebrew. So I will often drop into A.H. on the way home from work. Or head down to T.B.S. if home or on the weekend. Al
  13. almopec

    Anyone Know What Starsan Tastes Like

    hello again, thanks for all the replies and help with my problem, update time. I had another good taste last night of my beer and decided that the taste is not starsan, nor is my beer infected. The taste I am getting is a bitter flavour that I can now only put down to the combination of hops...
  14. almopec

    Anyone Know What Starsan Tastes Like

    Ok, so maybe I wont have that nip of starsan after all
  15. almopec

    Anyone Know What Starsan Tastes Like

    Muddzy - what you describe is exactly what i do. except that i just leave it all inverted to drain and dry while going on with other things. manticle & kelbygreen - yeh i guess the starsan would be acidic/vinegary. maybe i'll have a nip of starsan tomorrow and compare with what i'm tasting...
  16. almopec

    Anyone Know What Starsan Tastes Like

    Evening all, sorry for the strange title, but let me set the context: I recently put down an extract IPA at Easter, used dry Nottingham yeast and have been keeping an eye on the gravity as it progressed, like I normally would. This particular brew day I sprayed starsan onto an already cleaned...
  17. almopec

    Where Did Your Username Come From?

    My user name is a combination of my first and nick names. Alec (first name) around the outside, with Mop (nick name) in the middle as I will always be the Mop to my friends. I used to have a good, long and thick head of hair like a mop. These days I just shave it all off for convenience, so now...
  18. almopec

    Free Craft Glasses At Bws!

    I just did a rough measure as I still haven't used mine, but you should get at least 350, depending on how you pour your beer.
  19. almopec

    Free Craft Glasses At Bws!

    I'm glad someone grabbed a few of the free glasses. :icon_cheers:
  20. almopec

    Free Craft Glasses At Bws!

    Charst - the look like this: http://www.craftbeerrestaurant.com/Craft_B...nBeer_F1729.jpg KBB - I like drink my beer from pint glasses like these: http://a4.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images0...2342dc80b/l.jpg Shred - I like you, also had to justify why I bought more beer to the mrs, when she...