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    What are you brewing 2020

    Put this on last weekend at 23c and 21psi should be done this weekend, will split and put half on passionfruit in a 2nd Snubnose for another week ish before I keg First half ill get off the yeast and keg
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    I can't bleach it's not StarSan

    You can reuse it until it gets above a ph of 3.0 Brew Tips: Cloudy StarSan I tend to filter out any bits mine gets, cloudy isnt an issue as long as its ph 3.0 or below I also use straight alcohol which I spray on and I don't reuse that
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    Time to trim

    I need to do some weeding, a couple of mine have started, the one thats going well is the Otways wild goldings I got from a member on here and its the 2nd year for me The other one is a Super Alpha/Dr Rudi that is I think on its 4th year (first year out of pots) have quite a few in the ground...
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    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Agree it doesn't seem the most up to date and is probably costing you sales
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    Pressure Fermenting - Very Much a Nube

    Hey Pete, you wont need to introduce CO2 from your bottle at any stage during the ferment as the yeast create it for you I just did a lager at 21C set at 21psi with M84 yeast, it was fermented out in 3days, left mine in the snubby at that temp for a full week before I cold crashed it and then...
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    Not so mystery parts

    Its a MFL fitting, clever brewing as the example, Kegking, Cheekypeak, Kegland etc all stock them but your local should as well :) https://www.cleverbrewing.com.au/beer-connector-mfl.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwqML6BRAHEiwAdquMnQNBMLVI7qI0yRmZrzUDsO6zKZYUCQHH5tIfZkaUGGVGzH2ltF2EGhoCFsMQAvD_BwE
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    Your experience with PET Pressure Fermenters - Open Discussion - feedback invited

    Keen to see the Chubby details and yes for some reason thought it was called a stubby :s
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    Your experience with PET Pressure Fermenters - Open Discussion - feedback invited

    I agree with your points, if the Stubby would allow me to run two at once I would buy 2 as well (would still use the 2 snubnoses I have atm as well) To your Rota wheels point I think its excellent, Ive had brand name wheels which I have hit the kerb with and they also broke (whole center broke...
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    Your experience with PET Pressure Fermenters - Open Discussion - feedback invited

    I currently have 2 Snubnose 35L, about to keg the 2nd brew out of one and the other has been used for dryhopping my first brew. Will be upgrading to Thermowell lids for better temp monitoring/control (also less ugly then a probe cable tied behind polystyrene on the side) Only challenges so...
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Due in this week? how do I get my name down for two of them for the small Snub nose (35L)?
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    Can u Brew With Un-Malted Barley

    I could be wrong but I thought most malt had enough diastatic power to convert itself and an amount of unmalted (raw grain) Ideally 30 degreess lintner per 450g to convert Malt Degrees Lintner Briess Red Wheat Malt 180 Briess White...
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    mill set-up

    I got the joke :p, I think itll take 10kg in the hopper from memory, I am 5' 11 and its not taller then me setup so isnt that big :p I just finished setting up an automated warehouse, and have ripped conveyors out at previous roles :p it goes better then the Corona corn mill I also have...
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    mill set-up

    I put 6.5kg in it today and it still wasn't full :p
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    mill set-up

    Mines pretty function over form lol, ignore the mess only been in this house a month But it works 0.8mm gap set for my 3V
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    PET Kegs and more

    What about Brown Pet? I am still a big fan of stainless, the purchase of two snubnoses was to limit oxygen as a potential issue and gave me the volume I wanted vs using Cornies (I have 9) I have started buying smaller kegs as previously I was of the view that I like a range of beer to drink...
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    @CEO Keg King Any update on the Thermowell lid upgrades for the snubnose?
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Excellent, will get two when they come in then :)
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    I've got two snub noses, are the thermowell options out now? I was also thinking the reduced height would be a benefit on these to the snubnose
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    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Actually just on the post seals my 2x Snubnoses came with the posts already installed, however the gas post on one had the seal installed with the spring upside down. No big deal but pays to check, I normally disasemble everything and clean anyway but some people may think they can use straight...