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    Inkbird Giveaway on Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Fish

    I need one of these to help complete my empire of 2 fermentation fridges! :cool:
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    Homebrew resources in Goulburn

    Cheers - already stumbled upon Belco - but didn't know about the others. Will pass on the info.
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    Homebrew resources in Goulburn

    HI guys, to celebrate my brother's 40th, am setting him up to join the ranks of us home brew legends. He lives in Goulburn, and there looks to be SFA In terms of homebrew shops in town. Happy to be corrected though. I'll be bringing a bunch of gear down in a week or 2, and likely to forget...
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    Soda Stream refilling over complicated setup?

    We do this. Wife absolutely HATES the bottle on the bench, but after a while it seemed to become a non-issue. If I was allowed to drill a hole in the bench top (I believe the words were "There's no f*cking way you're doing that!") I could drop the hose through to a gas bottle in the cupboard...
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    【New Products Releasing】Inkbird Giveaway of New BBQ Thermometer Pen and Homebrew Heating Pad

    In! A heat pad for my second ferment fridge would solve all one of my problems! Cheers Inkbird! (as an aside, very happy with my 6 prong BBQ IBT-6XS(with included thermometer pen) and my ITC-308 temp controller that i got for Fathers Day!!!)
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    Unable to login on Firefox

    I was having the looping login thing on the whiz bang Brave Browser - currently appears to be working though.
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    FUNDRAISER - Please support

    My wife was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when she was pregnant with our daughter. Chemo went extremely well, and 7 1/2 years on still in the clear. Daughter is coming up on her 7th birthday - and she couldn't be more amazing. Happy to help kick the goal!
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    Bones of a Keezer - Westinghouse FD213S - 210 Litre inc drip tray

    HI guys, up for grabs today is my old keezer - minus taps and gas manifold, but includes temp controller and drip tray. Drilled for 2 taps, hard wired St-1000 controller (ie cooling only), hole for gas line too. Fits 3 kegs (just) in the main body, you could put other stuff on the hump, I found...
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    Where to get conical flask and stir plate?

    I happen to have a stir plate (and a flask, but only 1L) up for sale. Family lives in Canberra, not sure when I'll be down next however. Price is whatever someone is willing to give me at this stage. :-)...
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    FS - SYD - Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition + Cooling Pump + Extras

    Please be advised that this has been sold (via eBay). Thanks for looking!
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    According to Grainfather, this https://www.grainfather.com/shop/spare-parts/counter-flow-wort-chiller-hosing.html is 8mm ID. I got one to atttach my wortometer, does the job. Probably pricier there than many willing to pay though.
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    Free - Sydney - Westinghouse Freezermate 423 ferment/keg fridge

    HI guys, picked this up off the forums a little while ago, and is now surplus to requirements. Seal's a bit rubbish in the top right hand corner ($50 replacement off eBay), but still holds temp quite well. Have all the shelves and drawers too. I think this would also work well as a keg fridge...
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    FS - SYD - Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition + Cooling Pump + Extras

    Hi all - am I being unrealistic with my price? Been up 2 weeks and not so much as a hint of any interest (from any source - here, A C B, Gumtree...). Happy to take sensible offers, but it would seem offers are few and far between! The second tap assembly could be on-sold, or used to speed the...
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    FS - SYD - Grainfather Conical Fermenter Pro Edition + Cooling Pump + Extras

    Hi guys, up for grabs today is my Grainfather Pro Edition Conical fermenter. This also comes with the cooling pump kit, a (home made) conical coat (I didn't get around to making the cone part, but have more mat for that), a complete unopened second tap assembly, and I even lashed out on the...