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  1. Blind Dog

    Croydon Vic 3136 Water

    Averages for Silvan reservoir, from a number of sources a few years back as I couldn’t find it all in one place. It’s good, but has low mineral content pH: 7.3 Calcium (Ca): 3.9 ppm Magnesium (Mg): 1.2 ppm Sodium (Na): 4.5 ppm Sulfate (SO4): 0.9 ppm Chloride (Cl): 7.3 ppm Bicarbonate (HCO3)...
  2. Blind Dog

    3 vessel system

    Assuming you have a heat source for the brewing keg as you’re extract brewing currently, look through the BIAB threads here and elsewhere or google ‘brew in a bag’. A ready made bag to hold the grain can be had for $10 or so from numerous suppliers, cheap yoga mat (to wrap the keg in whilst...
  3. Blind Dog

    Beginner, diving head first into BIAB

    Best advice I can give is to keep the recipes simple at least until you’re happy with a few beers you’ve made. Many of the really great beers have really simple recipes (one or two malts and one or two hops). Try a search for SMaSH (single malt and single hop) beer recipes to find one you like...
  4. Blind Dog

    Multiple grains in recipes. (complicated?)

    As Mark said, most of the worlds great beers are pretty simple in terms of ingredients. Best advice I ever received starting down the all grain path was to keep the recipe simple and focus on technique and process. That way you build up knowledge of what each malt, hop, yeast strain etc. brings...
  5. Blind Dog

    Bittering Vs Flavour

    Let it drop to 80 ish then transfer to cube and add the hops to the cube. Still in pasteurisation temp range. It’s how I’ve added late hops for years (learnt from discussions here).
  6. Blind Dog

    Batch sparging temps

    http://beerandwinejournal.com/sparge-water-temperature/ Hope the link works. Basically, at a higher temp and mash pH its easier to extract tanins which will give rise to astringent notes in the beer. The aim is to keep the grain bed at ~77C and mash pH around 5.2 to stop that happening. For...
  7. Blind Dog

    First BIAB - IPA recipe

    Personally, I dont like chinook as a bittering hop (too harsh) although it’s a better option in that role than galaxy. I prefer a clean bittering hop (e.g. magnum) or one of the CTZ hops if I want a bit more piney notes. I also tend to aim for 1/3 of ibus from the bittering charge and the rest...
  8. Blind Dog

    Can't seal a keg

    Depends a lot on why it doesn’t seal. Use soapy water to find where the leak is and then you’ll b3 better placed to work out if it’s fixable. If the lid itself isn’t sealing, you can try using coins under the ‘legs’ of the lid handle as that might help seal it. The in and out posts can leak...
  9. Blind Dog

    Yeast from bottle of beer...

    It should be fairly clear from the bottle if it contains yeast or not (crap at the bottom or a notice on the label saying bottle conditioned). Most commercial beers that are obtainable easily in Oz don't. Coopers is the exception . Even if it has yeast, it's often a different bottling strain...
  10. Blind Dog

    Another Kegging (for a beginner) Thread

    My 2c 1. Longer. A) It’s much easier to expel all O2 from a keg, purge with CO2 and transfer to the sealed keg letting CO2 out as the beer flows in with minimal O2 getting in; B) the kegs are generally stored at serving temp and I had to store most bottles at room temp; C) better...
  11. Blind Dog

    Galaxy Amarillo pale ale?

    Work well together. Lots of comments on harsh bitterness from galaxy if used early in the boil and strong grassy flavours /aroma if used over 3 days for dry hopping. My experience agrees with those comments. YMMV. Never heard anything negative about Amarillo. If using new hop combos in pale...
  12. Blind Dog

    Newbie equipment setup

    I’d also be looking at spending some of the cash on a decent temp control set up. $ for $ it’s probably the best investment I made. Save the rest for when you’ve worked out how and what you want to brew. S/S is shiny and all that, but hdpe plastic is perfectly fine for fermenting. To be...
  13. Blind Dog

    What's with the PC bullshit?

    Thatcher. Meglomanic with a handbag May. Waste of f***** space. No policy, no ideas, no support in her own party. Gillard. So divisive they invited Ruddock back H Clinton. Lost to f****** Trump. Racist, mysogonistic, self centred, egotistical shit; and they're his good points. Women...
  14. Blind Dog

    Which tap type for best pour

    Depends on budget, whether you want flow control or ok with balancing lines, front seal or rear seal, etc. Most of its a balance of personal preferences and priorities. Personally I like Perlick ss flow control. Expensive, but work really well
  15. Blind Dog

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Brew double batches for the good stuff. Saves so much heartache down the track
  16. Blind Dog

    Braumeister Mash Schedule

    Depends on the beer you're brewing, which you probably knew already. Personally I like to mash in at around 50C as it seems to eliminate the dreaded wort fountains. From there it's beer dependent. English ales tend to get an hour at 67C or 68C. Everything else is style specific and usually has...
  17. Blind Dog

    What's with the PC bullshit?

    Odd that so many of the so called 'Christian values' pre date Christianity and are seen in so many different faiths and cultures around the world.
  18. Blind Dog

    What's with the PC bullshit?

    According to my weird neighbour, the Pope's Auntie is Christ. Which is odd
  19. Blind Dog

    New 19L cornies: KK vs Mangrove Jack's ?

    Can vouch for KK variants. Ratchet spanner makes taking posts off and putting back simple (although mine is in a 'safe place', so never gets used). If you're dedicating it to,pressure fermenting lagers, have you considered the fermentasurus? Similar price and, afaik, designed with that task in...