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  1. Paddy

    First BIAB recipe

    I have done the same as Mr H68 and had very good results with German style pils, pressure ferment 1x S189 at 12c/15psi, rest at 22c/18psi cold crash to 2C/12psi taste test and lager for as long as I can resist - I am weak!
  2. Paddy

    my fermentation with the 1st use of a tilt hydrometer

    I use a Pi stuck to the wall of the fridge added a couple of USB PC fans to give a more constant temp around the fridge. I did learn that if you dry hop via the hop ball/sack and magnets make sure you drop it in clear of the tilt. Did use an old mobile to network the Tilt very happy with the Pi.
  3. Paddy


    Todd depending on the amount of dry hops I either use a mesh hop ball held in place with magnets for a 25-50gm if using more I clean and dry the collection jar add the hop load and close the valve purging with CO2. Once I get to hop time on the tilt flick open valve and watch the chaos un-fold...
  4. Paddy

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    What Razz said, I have a tilt and adjust the blow tie to allow the pressure to creep up as the SG starts to steady and loosely aim for 12psi after cold crash, this allows me to pressure transfer fining solution via the gas post as well
  5. Paddy

    【New Products Releasing】Inkbird Giveaway of New BBQ Thermometer Pen and Homebrew Heating Pad

    I like the products and recently bought some BBQ gear from you so keen for a heat pad looks the biz
  6. Paddy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @Kegland is the bucket blaster safe to use on humans? Asking for a friend;)
  7. Paddy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    What Nullnvoid said!:cheers:
  8. Paddy

    Problem Discussion Thread: Mini Keg Regulators

    @Kegland ordered the replacement discs thank you again, as for the Ac vs DC pump I am a fan of the KISS principal!!
  9. Paddy

    Problem Discussion Thread: Mini Keg Regulators

    Having found the copper blow out disc on a 41C+ in my garage and having left pressure in the mini reg I ordered a new one - do you sell the blow out discs? Love the continuing investment in design by Kegland, still suggesting for Brewzilla 4.0 a DC pump to control flow rate by voltage:)
  10. Paddy

    Adding hop sock to fermzilla

    I have used the large metal teabags with no problems, a hop sock and used the collection container to use a NEIPA load of hops. With the first two I use magnets to hold them up out of the wort until hopping then release. Once cold crashing use the magnets to drag them to the side of the...
  11. Paddy

    WTB kegging system (Canberra)

    I did see some gear going on Gumtree a couple of months back, Brew your own at Kambah has stock of new.
  12. Paddy


    Chesl73 I pretty much do the same as Pauly and it works a treat +1 for the Tilt as well, I setup my gas with a 4 way splitter with the fourth line long enough to reach the Fermzilla in the other fridge. I have a mini reg on a sodastream bottle which is handy, along with harvesting excess gas...
  13. Paddy

    Tilt owners you happy with it ?

    Badseed do you think the raspberry would be better than an old tablet/phone?
  14. Paddy

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    So CEO has my keen-ness to get two of these scuppered my option to get the good deal? Order 10802 on the off chance to be cheeky!!
  15. Paddy

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Truman/WEAL piccies of the bung would help as I have two winging their way to the PO Box and a short time to build xmas stock!! :bigcheers: My lazy ass just found the vid now I understand I think, is it just a safety blow out, to keep Safety Sally at bay?
  16. Paddy


    I have used a couple of options for dry hopping and they are on the faceplant site too. Either through the collection jar for big hops or suspend a hop ball using magnets inside the fermzilla above the wort until you are ready to drop, just did a NEIPA jumped 5 psi and about 2 " of head once I...
  17. Paddy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Sorry to be more specific I was thinking of the logic program of get to temp then timer commences and the ability to vary elements and pump flow by power input in %, would prefer WIFI over BT if there is a choice, told you I could be needy!!
  18. Paddy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    G'day, don't mean to be needy but do you have plans for a Brewzilla 4 with an upgraded controller similar to the euro BM/BT controllers?
  19. Paddy

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    so you are telling me I can pressure brew x 2 daisy chained to a spunding valve in my fermenting fridge! Tell me more, when is stock due in?