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  1. Wisey

    Commercial beer in small kegs?

    100 to 120? Whats the point? $6.30 per Litre? Stubbies are 24 x .330 = 7.9 litres @ 54 bux / 7.9L = $6.80 per Litre
  2. Wisey

    Hefeweizen Horrors.

    I just did a WLP300 Weizen @ 26 degrees. Awesome banana flavour - only downside is that it looks as thick is milk from all the yeast crud in my keg.
  3. Wisey

    Whats In The Glass

    Saving This also ;)
  4. Wisey

    Whats In The Glass

    Recipe link? I'm keen too do this next.
  5. Wisey

    Using a 40L Electric Urn for BIAB - a guide

    This was the guide that got me started in AG... Dr Smuto's golden Ale. Same brew that has me coming back to brewing ten years later :) Got a Biab bag from Ross at craft brewer aswell :)
  6. Wisey

    Another Hefeweizen brew.

    Ahhh ok. I remember the banana clearly
  7. Wisey

    Another Hefeweizen brew.

    Following..... that would be similar to hoegaarden? Mmmmmm
  8. Wisey

    At last, a hobby that saves money!

    I fell off the home brewing train in 2012, I was a biab brewer... Best beer I ever made was a Golden Ale, I remember it was wheat, barley, US 05 and galaxy hops.... I still have my corny kegs, but my fermentors are stuffed. These new conical fermentors I see look the goods and easy to clean...
  9. Wisey

    Pride of Ringwood

    powdery mildew killed my cucumbers!
  10. Wisey

    First AG BIAB done, pictures, recipe and woes inside.

    worry? bottle it and worry later if somethings a miss
  11. Wisey

    Congrats Mate

    Congrats Mate
  12. Wisey

    Lunch At Murray's Manly Friday

    Hehe, green with envy mate :) How did it go?
  13. Wisey

    Strectched Beer Bottles

    Never seen this done before
  14. Wisey

    10 Gushers From Carton Of Amber Ale

    They are chilled mate. Its disappoint as I thought rather then have some cats piss xxxx gold, ill go something that will tingle my buds. Especially coming from LC Pale Ale last week........ Email time...... Well maybe tomorrow, I'm not in any state to type an email..... its taken me half an...
  15. Wisey

    10 Gushers From Carton Of Amber Ale

    Sunday is my only day off..... How can I do a carton if I dont start early??? Hehe, mowed the lawns, packed the dishwasher...... I can do whatever I like :) Roger that, just opened another and it sprogged all over me
  16. Wisey

    10 Gushers From Carton Of Amber Ale

    Hey all, Anyone one else having problems? my f***ing desk and keyboard have worn fuckin beer for the 10th time today. Its starting to piss me off... Cheers Wisey
  17. Wisey

    Swing Top Bottles

    Did I miss the joke here? I thought the question was legit.
  18. Wisey

    Micro Brewery Setup $80 4bbl

    This would be awesome if you had a spare $80k laying around Big Brewing gear
  19. Wisey

    Star Shaped Keg Posts

    Its closer to the striped paint and the skyhook rack :)