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  1. contrarian

    Frustrated with end results

    What sort of hop levels are you using for late boil hops and dry hops? Kegs or bottles? It is hard to get that really punchy flavour but to see if it is something to do with the extract process or something to do with fermentation you could get a hoppy fresh wort kit, dry hop and see if you...
  2. contrarian

    Selling Homebrew Legally

    If you used the ingredients to make wort and then packaged the wort in a way that enabled them to transport, ferment and package themselves it wouldn't break any laws as you are not providing anyone with anything alcoholic. As far as I know there aren't any laws against selling sugary liquid...
  3. contrarian

    Final Gravity always high??

    I'd agree with this, especially the measurement part! I reckon 83% of all process related problems turn out to be a measurement problem and not a process problem!
  4. contrarian

    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    Always happy to Always happy to share info. I'm happy with my unit and I am sure there has been some development in the last 4 years since I bought mine but I would warn anyone buying a commercial unit that it will be significantly louder than a regular fridge and based on my experience will...
  5. contrarian

    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    To be honest with the instructions provided I did have some trouble adjusting much more than the set temperature but rather than derailing a thread I'd be happy for you t send me a message. I was just trying to provide some info to the above poster about my experience to support an informed...
  6. contrarian

    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    I have a GD 125 that was purchased from keg king about 4 years ago. I have it inside and it does the job fine, I am sure that outside would be fine too but any fridge in direct sunlight in the heat of summer is going to struggle. Mine is a lot noisier than a normal fridge and as it is in the...
  7. contrarian

    Underletting in a single vessel

    Doesn't need to be a rest per se, just a slow ramp through the protein zone! My understanding is that for beta-glucan and protein rests that in modern malts this conversion happens during the malting process so if anything the ramp through the lower temps to your mash temp might result in a...
  8. contrarian

    Underletting in a single vessel

    There's way to mark levels that would make this pretty simple, just do a normal mash in, measure from the top with a straight ruler and you'd be sorted.
  9. contrarian

    Underletting in a single vessel

    pretty sure a mains pressure connection would do the job or most standard tank pumps.
  10. contrarian

    Underletting in a single vessel

    Couldn't you actually underlet water into you 1V system by milling the grain, putting it into place and then filling the water from the tap that you drain it from. You could do this with tap temperature water and then heat up gradually to your desired mash temp. The colour or orientation of a...
  11. contrarian

    Late Hopping Schedule - Best technique for maximizing flavor

    The critical thing in getting the flavours you want is understanding the impact that temperature and time have on alpha acids being converted to add bitterness. I no chill and most of my beers were too bitter following standard recipes so I have adapted my additions to suit the way I brew. If...
  12. contrarian

    RIP Pistol Patch

    This is really sad news. His posting on this forum and others was a huge resource to me starting out with BIAB and the spreadsheet he put together was the only software I used for my first few years of brewing. He always provided well thought out responses to anyone's questions and never seemed...
  13. contrarian

    HERMs components

    Where are you located mate?
  14. contrarian

    Hydrometer sitting at 1020

    It’s pretty unusual for a kit beer to finish that high. What exactly was in the kit? If it was a tin of goo and brew enhancer or similar it seems odd that t would finish so high. Another common issue here is with measurement. Have you checked your hydrometer in water to make sure it reads...
  15. contrarian

    Please help first BIAB

    If you prefer to be able to brew inside one option would be to get an over the side electrical element. You could plug in it to a standard power outlet and that would probably give you the boil you are looking for. I use 2 of these in my 70L kettle to get me to the boil and one to keep it...
  16. contrarian

    Young's Double Chocolate Stout

    I'd start with about 100-150g and cover completely vodka. When you are ready to add to the fermenter take a sample of the beer that is a known quantity, say 100mL and then add 1mL at a time and taste until it is where you want it. Although remember that every sip changes ratios etc. Full...
  17. contrarian

    Young's Double Chocolate Stout

    I’ve tried a number of ways to add chocolate to beer and cacao nibs is by far and away the best I have used (I haven’t used an extract). My method is to steep them in vodka for a week or two, strain and then you can add to taste the in the fermenter. In my experience adding chocolate, cocoa...
  18. contrarian

    What kind of barley and where to buy?

    Voyager will supply most of their grains that sell unmalted as well as malted. It would depend on where you live and how much you wanted how you approached them. They are based in Western NSW. If you wanted a sack or 2 maybe finding a LHBS that stocks voyager malts already and getting them to...
  19. contrarian

    Herms electric brewery FS - NSW south coast

    Thanks mate. I have a 3V system at the moment and have been looking at how to add a HERMS or RIMS for step mashing and recirculating the mash but I don't have any coils or pumps etc. so I'm looking at different solutions
  20. contrarian

    help restoring second hand herms setup

    My HLT is a 50L keg with the bottom cut off and I have the keg fitting linked to a triclover fitting. If you can legally acquire a rubber coated keg (breweries often get rid of slightly damaged ones that no longer fit through their machines) it isn't an expensive conversion. My mash tun is the...