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  1. malt junkie

    Single Vessel Brewing - RoboBrew 35L Gen 3

    Nice to see the eye to detail being put in. Do you have a ball park pricing as yet? (Saving will be required!)
  2. malt junkie

    Single Vessel Brewing - RoboBrew 35L Gen 3

    Which way are you guys leaning regarding the power for the Robo65 are you going a single 3000w(ish) element or the more compatible 2 elements under 2400w with 2 power cables. Or is this one of the issues your working through? MJ
  3. malt junkie

    eBay stock pots

    Tall maybe for MLT and HLT but for Kettle I like wide and well over size for brew length, really helps with keeping trub and hop matter out of the fermenter if there's space for a nice trub cone after whirlpool.
  4. malt junkie

    From the Bush

    If it's the guy I'm thinking of, he's related to my landlord, and has a fierce reputation several towns in each direction, bloody good tucker!
  5. malt junkie

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    DCB I vote for beer! And more beer ... and sex ... and ....ok that's not quite legal... um ...Karma heh politics Mike
  6. malt junkie

    KegLand.com.au... whata ya got?

    Opps, for those that don't know me, I should state though I was more than a little vocal in some "other" threads, I have no affiliation with this or any other commercial entity, any BB's I run are with out favour (well where possible to my fellow brewers). I'd just really like to see some...
  7. malt junkie

    100 litre 3v electric brewery build

    Keep going mate, I have similar brew length aspirations (not all electric sadly) really enjoyed your work so far. If you work hard a Pressure ferment is well drinkable @ day6:party:
  8. malt junkie

    KegLand.com.au... whata ya got?

    I know it's a little out of the ordinary to have a member start a sponsor thread, however I'm sure like myself after much rumour, conjecture and seemly a complete decimation of some of the most popular and in cases basic stocks not just with one retailer but with some products across the...
  9. malt junkie

    CO2 Cylinders

    Mate where I live, one backup is a sure way to run out , 3x6kg+ and 3 soda stream for crisis!:hairout: You can never be too safe right, and running out of beer during a test series ... well it just ain't safe!:eek:
  10. malt junkie

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    Have an IPA in cold crash, been that way for 10 days, arm in a cast so can't lift the bugger out! I'm get yeast blocks on it if I leave it for a day. Not too much of a concern .... it tastes so darn good, it may never get transfered(except to glass).
  11. malt junkie

    Topsflo TD-5

    Yeah but this one is closer to the KK price and I'd be jumping on KK's SS heads, before they're gone. (* wait why am I telling you guys I could miss out here) ED: fark ya beat me nosco!
  12. malt junkie

    DIY Kegmenter

    Break a scaphoid (tiny bone in your wrist) you'll be in a cast 10 to 12 weeks, your arm will then easily fit through said 4" opening. Problem solved! (seems I've done this for a second time to my right hand see the doc tomoz for the results. Though upside I have 2 50L kegmenters that need...
  13. malt junkie

    DIY Kegmenter

    I'd be on the 58L band wagon too, though not fussed 4 or 6 inch opening.
  14. malt junkie

    DIY Kegmenter

    I've previously used a grinder or dremel. Dremel would be the way to with this particular job. Make a template, mark the keg with a shapie, the with the dremel create a light groove on the line, continue to follow that same groove till you've cut right the way through. You will still need to...
  15. malt junkie

    Topsflo TD-5

    They are, but KK have a bigger model available 52LPM, 65w as opposed to 25w. ED: checked their website, as with alot of their gear this is currently out of stock, It could be a bit of a wait.
  16. malt junkie

    Topsflo TD-5

    If the small KK (kaxian) aint doing the job, there's a couple of choices, the march 815C, or the KK 65w. or go to the bigger Chugger/March options.
  17. malt junkie

    Fermenting Under Pressure

    my only issue is if the brew your spunding ends up infected then so are/is the keg/s purged this way.
  18. malt junkie

    Kegerator bulk buy

    aussiebrewer; not putting a downer on your work here, bulk buys are lots work for a bit of love, you got my love just for starting one. I know 48 units sounds like a lot, If your talking the straight out stripped down version into a container, set that at a price and as the number needed, hell...
  19. malt junkie

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Pffft.... there's a difference?
  20. malt junkie

    Sources for Purchasing Fresh Hops Cones/Flowers

    Belgrave, there really isn't a resource for this sort of thing here in Oz. Perhaps there should be ? Quite obviously we're out of season, but I'm sure the lads here would love a dip at your contacts for some fresh flowers of different varieties. Perhaps a thread where they could post whats...