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  1. Reg Holt

    The state of AHB and mental health

    Definitely not on to attack someone through a personal message, or in a thread. I think it is more likely that the perpetrator of the PM has issues.
  2. Reg Holt


    Another no top screen user here, also found to get better efficiency with regular stirring.
  3. Reg Holt

    Grainfather or BrewZilla?

    I am biased towards the Guten, I have the 50 and 40 litre, seeing as there has been a thread on the Guten for 3.5 years they seem to be standing the test of time. BrewZilla has a long way to go to meet that milestone.
  4. Reg Holt

    Infection Photo Thread

    Looks OK to me.
  5. Reg Holt

    Purple hot break

    Can't see it coming off the grain, is the rice hulls a recent batch? Put some in a saucepan and boil them up could be coming from a chemical they sprayed the rice with.
  6. Reg Holt


    I think if you reaearch Chris White a little more you will find he is not fo pressure fermentation. Also look more into the scientific results from which Scott Janish reaped his knowledge. Forget about the drongoes who are trying to promote Pressure vessels and see what real brewers advise.
  7. Reg Holt

    220 year old Shipwreck Yeast

    Can I join the club if I am known as "Jim Lad"
  8. Reg Holt

    What are you listening to

    I'll see your Hotel California and raise you Stacys Mum. Rod Stewart can certainly pick'em.
  9. Reg Holt

    Wtb grain mill and hopper

    From rizrah's post, looks like the diamond will last, so much for the spiel about it crushing popcorn, they must have eluded to mention that the corn was already "popped" No wonder they never posted a video which was promised countless times. True, plus all malted grain doesn't necessarily mill...
  10. Reg Holt

    Grand Deluxe 125 GD125

    I think it's a waste of time asking them to play fair, they make the rules up as they go along, if they haven't got it then they will rubbish it. Similar thing with the Junior PET fermenter, can't use PET as a keg, PET is permeable. It pays to remember how they advertise their PET Allrounder...
  11. Reg Holt

    PET Kegs and more

    Great idea, can save a panic when the gas runs out. I will be up for one, unless Trump wins the election, then I will change my mind.:fallingoffchair:
  12. Reg Holt

    PET Kegs and more

    I wouldn't be bothered about what Keg Land has to say, I would say most on here are capable of reading between the lines on their negative remarks about Keg King as sour grapes, we haven't got it, so we will sling some shit and see if it sticks. I have 4 Juniors now and I haven't waited 3 or4...
  13. Reg Holt

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Nasty cough you have there have you been tested.:)
  14. Reg Holt


    The other problem would be the pH of the water which has been drawn of and subject to the buffering effect of the grain, will make some difference to the pH of mash/boil.
  15. Reg Holt


    I like the idea of being able to put something away after fermentation has finished, better than having to get a large fridge taking up space, thats the appeal when space is at a premium.
  16. Reg Holt


    Curious to know if the little 12 v Thermenter King can cool and heat 55 litres of wort, would certainly save getting a fridge to fit it into. ,
  17. Reg Holt


    Why on earth would you go to 30 PSI? Have you been brewing long?
  18. Reg Holt


    Good to see some constructive conversation on this thread, this is what it should be all about, well played Rodney, though you are left with quite a lot of trub and beer in the fermenter you are willing to share the downside.
  19. Reg Holt


    Have to admit I am biased towards the snub nose bought mine early on in their release. But I would be interested in hearing the pros and cons of the all rounder apart from it being slightly lower.