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  1. Vic

    Advice needed for simple all-grain recipe

    Coopers Pale Ale Malt is Compass, it says so on the bag. IMO very similar to Voyager Compass.
  2. Vic

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I have been using the screw driver method on 3 Fermzillars since they were released with no issues. Plastic carb cap is plenty strong enough. I suggest using a screw driver a wide blade. A chain saw spanner is ideal as it can also be used to tighten and loosen the carb caps.
  3. Vic

    Reculturing Coopers Yeast - Stepped starter?

    Probably no need for the step up. My current batch started at 1043 and finished at 1006 for 4.7%, a bit above the target of 4.5%. Culture made from 8 CPA stubbies dregs in a 4L starter decanted for a 52.5L batch. I am almost sure this yeast could ferment iron ore!
  4. Vic

    Reculturing Coopers Yeast - Stepped starter?

    H Have a look at the video on the Coopers website. This uses 6 bottles for a 600ml starter for a 23L batch. A 1L starter on a stir plate should give you enough. I use a 3.6L starter made from 6 bottles for a 42L batch and always get the correct attenuation and an ale indistinguishable from...
  5. Vic

    NEIPA do's and don'ts

    The asbestos brewing jacket. Where can I get one !!!???. Home brewing is brewing and LEARNING how to brew what you like. Asking for guidance is OK, guidence from someone who does not like that style and say's "don't" makes no sense. Do it and learn from your experience and hopefully enjoy...
  6. Vic

    Whats In The Glass

    For S&W Pacific Ale try slow ramp from 50C to 64 over about 20 min and hold 64.4 for 70 min. Mash out probably not necessary but I always do it, raise to 76C then sparge. Electricity much cheaper than LPG so that is the reason I always mash out. If you have any Voyager left, Pale Schooner or...
  7. Vic


    Regardless of your efficiency, a grain mill makes sense if you purchase your base malts in 25Kg sacks.
  8. Vic

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    If you are going to store Stellasan in it’s undiluted state then why not just store it in the bottle it came in?
  9. Vic

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I store Starsan in a Fermentasauris for months with no problems.
  10. Vic

    Advice on Mega Jet cooker and 50L stainless pot

    If you read the specs it says pots to 220mm, clearly a misprint as the specs also say the width (diameter) is 360mm. Much the same as the ones from KL & KK. I purchased the KL one and sent it back as it was much too difficult to use, constantly went out, useless if even a slight breeze. The...
  11. Vic

    Advice on Mega Jet cooker and 50L stainless pot

    70L pot is 470mm dia.
  12. Vic

    Advice on Mega Jet cooker and 50L stainless pot

    i I use one of these burners with a 50L and 70L pot with no problems. Has no problem with a 65L boil.
  13. Vic

    Sanitiser in brew, is it ruined?

    StellarSan is mainly Phosphoric acid that yeast will use. Just condition the beer for a week or two at about 20C. The remaining yeast should deal with it. Alternatively bottle or keg condition with some CBC-1. https://www.kegland.com.au/lalbrew-cbc-1-x-11g-lallemand.html
  14. Vic

    Coopers malts

    If you only want a few Kilos try Coopers Premium Pale Malt 1kg - Aussie Brewmakers I know they are not in Melb but do send there.
  15. Vic

    Coopers malts

    Now drinking third batch using Coopers Pale, CPA original clone. Higher effiecency and better flavour than BB. All brewed with Super Pride hops and Coopers Commercial Yeast. Currently have 44L in the FermZilla approaching keging, this time with WPL029 Kolsh yeast. Very impressed with Coopers...
  16. Vic

    Wyeast Brewman Pre-orders

    Hi Steve, If available, 1 X 1882-PC Thames Valley Ale II 1 X 1087-PC Wyeast Bohemian Ale Blend 1 X 2001-PC Pilsner Urquell H-Strain Thanks
  17. Vic


    I'll bet it is a lot more compact and easier to store now.
  18. Vic

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Hey Kegland, When are you going to get some company that can implement a proper web site. Your new one is just hopeless and most unprofessional. Just try and buy an essential item for brewing beer. YEAST. Go -> ingredients -> liquid home brew yeast. You only get NINE 9 products that you can only...
  19. Vic

    US05 yeast - slight after taste and dry

    Safale wheat beer yeast is WB-06, do not use this for your Pacific Ale. WB-06 throws a strong banana and clove aroma, good for weizen beers but inappropriate for many ales, keep it for wheats, IMO.