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    coca cola brewing.

    Just a quick note - De Bortoli Wiliams beers are a different family business to the Casella / Coke deal. Griffith is a strange place to have a brewery. Its main attraction is the in-place distrubtuion networks of both companies, and that Casella's have liquidity. Both are trying to diversify, as...
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    Castle Hill and NSW State Homebrewing Competition 2014

    Congrats Barry, well deserved.
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    Sydney Floor Malted Barley EOI

    barls 1 bag mb squared 1 bag Nick R 5 bags ducatiboy stu 4 bags Mattfos01 1 bag Fat Bastard 1 bag. Dunkelbrau 1 bag Roastin 1 bag Stuster 1 bag tgiacomelli 1 bag Blind Dog 1 bag tonymc 1 bag Josh 1 bag redb 1 bag running total 21
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    An Italian homebrewer in Sydney.

    City : Lord Nelson & Harts pub in the Rocks, King St Brewhouse Darling Harbour, SG Bar, Royal Albert hotel, Local Taphouse near central. City fringe : Young Henry's, Union Hotel, Forest Lodge, Duck hotel chippo, Petersham Bowlo Northside : 4Pines, Yardarm, New Brighton hotel Parramatta ...
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    nsw annual pub crawl 2014

    Im keen, so some places to choose ; depends on how many people & how lazy / far u want walk : Bavarian (rocks) - breakfast tradition ! all imported - ask for the Maibock !! (u might get lucky!) Lord Nelson (rocks) - all local brews Harts (rocks) (lunch?) - 4 local + 4 guests, 2 handpump King st...
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    Privatise Australia Post?

    Its now "up to 25mb/s" with the LNP FTTN fraudband ...
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    Fresh Fig Reduction for Belgian Brew

    I cant answer u directly but u need to think about the OG of your Dubble or BDSA, and try to get reading of your 0.75kg liquid fig / sugar mix. Depending on your size / taste of the fresh figs, you could use 6 or more ... ?
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    New 15" False Bottom for 50L Keg

    Whats your location natman ?
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    Lion introduces "Tap King" - party keg / growlers

    Woolworths opp Town Hall Syd have the head unit for $16.50 (1st floor).
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    I think the guy was a dick for not paying the fare, but the driver did himself no favours. In my experience 75% of sydney taxi drivers are sh*t. They take the long way, dont know where to go, expecting you to provide directions, even across the city. They drive thru red lights, not orange - red...
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    Sydney,where to stay,where to drink?

    Royal Albert is really good but also really small, so dont tell too many friends ok <wink>. Macquarie Hotel has recently been sold, so Im guessing the Sydney Brewery beers *might* reduce whats on tap, but I dont know the exact details. The Sydney Brewery aka Scwhartz is moving to Newie/Hunter...
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    Little Creatures IPA

    I had a couple of the LC IPA tonight at the Syd LocalTaphouse. It was nice and sessionable but lacked that IPA punch and really was almost on par with the Pale Ale, just diff hops . The ABV was a bit higher but no strong alcohol. I talked to one of the LC people and he was also disappointed in...
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    Quarrymans Hotel Pyrmont, NSW

    Cnr Harris n Pyrmont Bridge rd It used to be a traditional old timers swill pub but was sold quite a few (6?) months ago and has been closed while under renovation. It has re-opened this week and has 100% AU beers, mostly nsw craftbrew, pints (avg $10)& half-pints. The current range includes...
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    RedBeard's Brew Rig v2.0 build

    Looks great - when can I pick it up ? :D
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    The future of Beer labels

    These arent real but I wish they would be. Perhaps in a couple years ... http://geekologie.com/2013/07/is-my-bottle-moving-animated-beer-bottle.php originally from : http://beerlabelsinmotion.tumblr.com/
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    2013 Extra Special Brewers Homebrew Competition

    A good comp, with good entries, well organised & quick results. Thanks Peter & Barry & ESB club. cheers
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    NSW annual pub crawl

    Youngs Henrys - the last 2 sat's ive been there, they've closed later - depends on staff & traffic. forgot about the Sando :(
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    NSW annual pub crawl

    I havent been to the Australian in a while - still good ? The Royal Albert in Surry Hills has a few craftbrews but is a bit out of the way in current plan. I think Young Henrys definitely worth a visit, the Union is usually good but perhaps someone visit during the week to see whats on tap ...
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    Chilli Sauces, inner Sydney

    I occasionally buy fresh ground spices and palm sugar from Fiji Market on the St Peters end of King st, for curries and chilli con carne etc. Last visit they had spring cleaned some of the shelves and had a lot of new chilli sauces from OS in the back corner. i bought a couple of bottles to try...
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    Gage Roads ’The Convict’ Australian Strong Ale

    I bought the last 2 on special from Wow Liquor in a country nsw store recently. They wanted to turn over stock, as they were stored in the fridge. Id call it more a sipping style beer, as expected for a strong ale. Bitterness / malt was ok, from memory. Not fantastic but not bad either...