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  1. Black Devil Dog

    A good but very simple and basic recipe

    That's a pretty schmick looking set up, especially for a beginner. One thing I'd suggest is replacing all your water supply hoses with hoses that are drinking water grade. The last thing you want is having a hint of garden hose flavour in your beer. As for recipe, same as above, single malt...
  2. Black Devil Dog

    RIP Pistol Patch

    Don't visit here much any more, but I just happened to have a look this morning and saw the sad news about Pistol Patch. I didn't know him at all, but his contributions to the brewing community and in particular BIAB, are legendary. Pistol Patch was one of the people who inspired me to get into...
  3. Black Devil Dog

    WTB Braumeister Controller

    All good razz, ask away. The cable I bought is about the same length as the original. I couldn't see any other lengths, but I'm sure they're available. The only difference is the original has a clip that locks the plug into place. The one I bought doesn't.
  4. Black Devil Dog

    WTB Braumeister Controller

    Yeah Razz, yesterday evening when it happened, I thought for sure that I'd blown the controller, but this morning I was able to check it over and it looked as though the cable was all that was damaged. Once I plugged in the new cable, filled it with enough water to cover the elements and fired...
  5. Black Devil Dog

    WTB Braumeister Controller

    Thanks Coalminer, a trip to Jaycar for a new 15amp cable has done the trick. Not as catastrophic as I first feared.
  6. Black Devil Dog

    WTB Braumeister Controller

    Sadly my Braumeister controller exited the brewing world today. It had been a loyal servant for several years and had never once let me down, but today it brewed its last batch. With a faint gasp and the unmistakable smell of burning plastic, it entered the afterlife. Before I go ahead and buy...
  7. Black Devil Dog

    SS Brewtech Bucket

    That's a good idea. I was using these camel back bladders until I thought of the other method. Wait until fermentation has finished, remove the blow off tube and attach the camel back. The camelback fills with co2 and when cold conditioning, the co2 is sucked back into the fermenter.
  8. Black Devil Dog

    SS Brewtech Bucket

    I am aware that the Brewbuckets aren't pressure rated and that's why I wait until fermentation is finished before closing off the ball valve. When I first tried it I was concerned that there could be issues with deforming lids, clamps etc, but now I'm confident that it won't harm it...
  9. Black Devil Dog

    SS Brewtech Bucket

    Until recently I had been doing similar to the photo posted by Beer Gut, but lately I've been trying a different method. The idea is - that as soon as fermentation is complete, I close off the ball valve and trap the co2 in the fermenter. A small amount of pressure builds up, due to co2...
  10. Black Devil Dog

    Kegging query

    I'd say it's a fault with the regulator. I had a KegKing reg when I first got into kegging several years ago. It was fine for a while, but shit itself some time later. Cheap Chinese shit tends to do that. Quality brands to keep in mind are Harris and Micromatic.
  11. Black Devil Dog

    Uses for Empty Grain Sacks

    I use mine for camping firewood. They get used many times over and only get binned when they can no longer carry the weight.
  12. Black Devil Dog

    Sous Vide with your Brew Rig

    I've done pork belly and blade steak (I think it was blade). . Both were cooked at around low 60's for about 48 hours, then crackled up in a hot frying pan. Incredibly tender.
  13. Black Devil Dog

    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    Just saw this review of Brewfather on Facebook. It covers some technical stuff that is well beyond my level of comprehension, but the reviewer is rightly full of praise for it. I must say the support from the developer of Brewfather for all users who have a question or an issue is like nothing...
  14. Black Devil Dog

    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    I've been using Brewfather for a few months now after having used Beersmith for several years and there's no way I'll be going back to Beersmith. I really like the layout, it's much more user friendly and also like being able to easily adjust recipes on my phone during brew day without having to...
  15. Black Devil Dog

    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    I heard about Brewfather a couple of weeks ago, around the same time that I was trialling Beersmith 3 with the intention of most likely upgrading from BS2 to BS3. I'd always found BS2 to be rather clunky and bloated and some Add-Ons and inputs didn't really seem to do anything and the water...
  16. Black Devil Dog

    Dedicated Braumeister Guide, Problems & Solution Thread

    Sometimes mine seems to be a bit lack-lustre if I don't have the hood on. Once the hood's on, the boil definitely becomes more vigorous. My hood is a large S/Steel mixing bowl with a 150mm hole cut into it. Interestingly, the boil off rate doesn't seem to be that much different whether using a...
  17. Black Devil Dog

    Best Keg fillers

    I've used Ella quite a bit, in both lagers and ales, I've even used it in Kolsch style beers and while it's related to Galaxy, I don't detect any similarity to it at all. I'd class Ella as an Australian noble hop, if that was a thing. Floral and mildly spicy. Edit: As for best keg fillers...
  18. Black Devil Dog


    With normal 'no rinse' use, you'd get only about 30 - 40ml in a keg, even that small amount I don't want in my beer, so there's no way 200ml is making its way into it. Others might be ok with it, that's fine.
  19. Black Devil Dog


    I just cleaned out one of my empty kegs and measured the liquid below the dip tube. In this particular keg there's 200ml left behind. That would be sanitiser, if someone used the method recommended by KegLand above. It's certainly not a method that I'll be using anytime soon.