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  1. Fro-Daddy


    Do you use the locking screen or the original? The one on the 70L is great.
  2. Fro-Daddy


    I put the jacket on my 70L tonight, very snug fit. I had to loosen the recirculation pipe to get it on. Would be a pain to remove when chilling.
  3. Fro-Daddy


    If it gets clogged, just put your stainless mash paddle in it and give it a twist. I've also found with the bazooka on the end of the helix it flows quite well. It's all in the first minute of this video.
  4. Fro-Daddy

    Inkbird giveaway and New product releasing humidity controller IHC-200 WIFI

    The final piece of the greenhouse puzzle, yes please!
  5. Fro-Daddy


    @CEO Keg King How are the 70L jackets going?
  6. Fro-Daddy


    No top screen, no overflow pipe, works best for me.
  7. Fro-Daddy

    Spike Flex +

    https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/spike-brewing-conical-fermenters-unitanks.96901/ Some info in there on shipping a few years ago.
  8. Fro-Daddy


    I think the steps can be a maximum of 3 hours each, so if you wanted to do it overnight, you may need to replicate step 1 above a few times. The 1 minute steps are a great idea, never considered that. You can also bump it up to 3000w on the 70L.
  9. Fro-Daddy


    I'm pretty confident you can delay the start, but I only use manual mode and do other things while heating water.
  10. Fro-Daddy


    This is 58L of water and 9.5kg of grain. Once the recirculation starts the level drops slightly, and if you have good flow through the grain bed you shouldn't run in to a problem. You can only fill up to the holes in the malt pipe unless you block them with something like WEAL does or prop the...
  11. Fro-Daddy


    @Sjek I have done a double batch of a dark mild (3.5%) with no sparge on my 70L, putting 44L in to two cubes. Due to the sight glass, you can only fit 67L in the unit. So when you use your software, just make sure that total water + grain is less than that and you will be fine.
  12. Fro-Daddy

    Wtb grain mill and hopper

    Don't need them for the 3 roller either. In fact, I'd like to see you try use one!
  13. Fro-Daddy

    Wtb grain mill and hopper

    I can vouch for the geared 3 roller from KK
  14. Fro-Daddy

    Two fermenters in one fermentation fridge

    Put a fan in to try and keep temp as close as possible between top and bottom.
  15. Fro-Daddy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @kadmium you are more annoying than both of the companies combined. If you have an issue with wording, message them directly.
  16. Fro-Daddy

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    You seem to have a lot of issues with your website and stock not showing up. Might be worth looking in to a bit further.
  17. Fro-Daddy

    Giveaway to celebrate Inkbird New Product Releasing ! Humidity Controller IHC-200 WIFI !

    This would be the last piece of the puzzle for the greenhouse :)
  18. Fro-Daddy

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @billygoat I no chill in to 20L cubes
  19. Fro-Daddy

    NEIPA do's and don'ts

    37g/L!? Madness.
  20. Fro-Daddy

    Which extracting equipment to buy

    I believe the latest update addresses that, and it either is the same as the Guten or can be toggled to be the same. I've had a 35L Robobrew and now have a 70L Guten. Positives for me in the Robo were the bottom screen and manual mode without a timer. Having to set a time on the Guten in manual...