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    Ball Lock Tank Plugs To Suit Coke Kegs

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions where I might source some of these at a cheaper price than $18.95ea :( as sold by Grain & Grape. They are called a "Taylor Type" with an external thread on the base and seem to be different to those sold by morebeer that suit the...
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    James Squire Porter Recipe Wanted

    Hi, Looking for an all-grain recipe for JS porter clone, has anyone brewed one that comes close? Cheers Wobbo
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    Hop Filter For Kettle

    Hi, I have an old gas wash copper :) I'm planning to use as my new brew kettle and am trying to figure out what to use as a filter to strain out the hops etc. I have sourced some ss termimesh :) but am looking for suggestion from others that may have done something similar.... The copper has a...