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  1. Paleman

    What are you listening to

    Cracking story. Cracking song. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Paleman

    Home brewing on TV

    Definitely. Just watched episode one, series two. Needs some actual brewing thrown in.
  3. Paleman

    Bulk Oxidizing Agent PBW or Similar

    No worries mate. We have another thing in common, fishing. I live in Whyalla S.A. We used to be able to catch some of the biggest snapper in this beautiful land. I replied to you because i dont want you to be let down again. You seem to be the bloke i'd love to have a beer with. I do admire you...
  4. Paleman

    Bulk Oxidizing Agent PBW or Similar

    Just off topic sorry. How did you go in the end with your kegging? You made a thread a while back and seemed to be unhappy and not getting results? Just curious, i'm wondering if you're jumping from the pan into the fire. I'm not bragging in anyway here but i am a learner kegger and i...
  5. Paleman

    Wheat beer questions

    Excellent reading.
  6. Paleman

    She's a little too carbonated...

    I'm learning my kegging, have not had a problem with set and forget at 12 psi for a week. But that doesnt answer the question about force carbing. I say just dont.
  7. Paleman

    Bitter orange peel vs powder

    Excellent, thanks.
  8. Paleman

    Bitter orange peel vs powder

    Of fresh orange peel? I would've thought a lot more. i plan to do a whit down the track and was thinking grate oranges to leave the pith behind, and gather about a cup. Too much?
  9. Paleman

    Bitter orange peel vs powder

    How much would you use in a 23 litre brew?
  10. Paleman

    Cleaning Plastic Fermenters

    Ah yeah, thats what i use.
  11. Paleman

    Cleaning Plastic Fermenters

    Can someone please explain what PBW is?
  12. Paleman

    Advice before drilling into fridge.

    Bummer. I recently drilled five holes in my fridge using wide eyed and legless advice with 100 % success. In saying that there was no gas lines front or sides. Doesn't hurt to check first.
  13. Paleman

    Russian Imperial Stout

    Thats the problem, sooo tasty. I did this as a project for drinking next winter. Not happening. I'll have to do another batch very soon.
  14. Paleman

    Russian Imperial Stout

    I just made a toucan with Coopers stout and dark ale. Did a mini mash with 2kg of ale malt, added a kilo of milk stout booster and some fuggles hops. About a month in the bottle, no word of a lie its the best stout ( bar one a mates all grain ) that ive ever tasted.
  15. Paleman

    Kegging Setups

  16. Paleman

    Russian Imperial Stout

    Thats a big beer.
  17. Paleman

    Kegging Vs Bottling Beer

    Much appreciated, that makes a lot of sense.
  18. Paleman

    Kegging Vs Bottling Beer

    Click on your username top right hand of screen, then click on preferences.