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  1. sp0rk

    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    Yep, just waiting on some MAX6675 thermocouple amps to get here from an Aussie supplier for my temp logging I bought 4 MAX31855 boards from Aliexpress only to discover that they use fake/out of spec chips and you just get wild temp readings No more budget hats/shields from Aliexpress for me...
  2. sp0rk

    First BIAB recipe

    I've brewed smurto's recipes dozens of times and I advise to stick with his mash times as they end in a superior beer IMHO
  3. sp0rk

    First BIAB recipe

    He says here that it can vary from 30 minutes to 90 I can't find anywhere where he says 30 minutes is the only figure to use (even in the new edition) http://howtobrew.com/book/section-3/how-the-mash-works/manipulating-the-starch-conversion-rest
  4. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    None made locally afaik since Electrolux closed in 2016 Maybe it's time to start another business and bring manufacturing back on shore ;)
  5. sp0rk

    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    I'm building a Coretto (bread machine and heat gun) which is nearly a fluidised air bed roaster but with agitation from the paddle as well. I've mostly finished the data logger for my temps, the sensor shields (MAX31855) I had were dodgy so I'm just waiting for some new ones to come. On our...
  6. sp0rk

    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    Yeah, I'm not drinking much cafe coffee lately I'm just finishing up building my own coffee roaster so I can do my own lighter fruitier blends
  7. sp0rk

    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    Mostly for dialling in shot times when making espresso (I've fallen down the espresso nerdery rabbit hole)
  8. sp0rk

    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    I'd like to see a good accurate set of scales (down to 0.1g) with a built in timer And a bluetooth pH meter like the Hanna Halo
  9. sp0rk

    what gadgets do you guys need when you do home brewing?

    That can't do 15A here in Australia though, you need to release a new version that will do 15A at 240V Also I'd think @GrumpyPaul wants something that can be installed into a Guten or Brewzilla unit, like the SmartPID can be
  10. sp0rk

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Is that where you inject the Charlie Carp fertiliser?
  11. sp0rk

    Selling Homebrew Legally

    No, but you still need to be inspected as a food and beverage manufacturing premises and afaik pay for all that. So there is a cost, but it's not as big as a brewery's costs
  12. sp0rk

    Cube questions

    72c for 15 seconds is common in the dairy industry, I'd dare say 80c for a few minutes with our wort should be pretty ok, but that's just my experience with basic microbiology at uni so far
  13. sp0rk

    Kettle souring with whey

    That's interesting, Ricotta is usually an acid set cheese (some people make it with cultures, but it's not that common) so I'd think the culture that's grown in your whey would be wild I'm sure it works just fine, but you're not using a known lacto source like you usually would with a kettle sour
  14. sp0rk

    1927 Coopers Sparkling Ale recipe... and table sugar!

    I was talking to someone at Coopers for a while early last year about heading down there to do a few days work experience in the lab as experience for my micro degree (which I've sort of shelved for the time being) I was told the house yeast with the mixed strain/brett/etc has been preserved...
  15. sp0rk

    With Facebook and everything, Im surprised AHB is still a thing! I'm really glad it is!

    A few older members are about, Bribie and some of the others migrated elsewhere
  16. sp0rk

    Anyone done 2x50L kegerator/keezer?

    I'd have to check I definitely could get seven, with 2 rows of 3 and 1 offset between the rows But there might not be quite enough floorspace for 8 I didn't go high enough on my collar to fit anything on the hump because I wanted to just keep it for bottles, glasses, etc
  17. sp0rk

    Cacao Nibs

    I use them in my chocolate porter I originally just roasted then threw them in towards the end of primary The last few batches I've roasted then soaked them in whiskey for a few days (usually jameson) before tipping the lot into the fermenter Making a tincture ends up with a bit more of a...
  18. sp0rk

    Inkbird Giveaway on Heating Pad for Home Brewing Seedling Reptile Fish

    I'd love one, it's still quite cold here at night
  19. sp0rk

    Stellar San

    Yep, under 3.5pH and it's good to keep using A simple way to make sure it's low enough is if it's milky, add a few ml of starsan into it until it goes clear again
  20. sp0rk

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    And even funnier when they're too dense to get the point... (previous deleted post was pointing out an unfunny troll)