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  1. Dan Pratt

    What are you brewing 2020

    No chilled a Porter on the weekend, will be into the FV this coming friday. Chocolate Vanilla Porter OG 1060 FG 1013 ABV 6% IBU 38 EBC 60 74% Pale Malt 8% Vienna ( didnt have munich.... ) 6% Medium Crystal 5% Chocolate Malt 4% Oats 3% Black Patent ( the signature porter malt ) Mashed at...
  2. Dan Pratt

    Advice for 1st recipe please

    Hi, I know you probably want a solid beer for your first attemp, but using 7malts is just overboard for the 1st AG. Honestly, making a SMaSH beer would be a better idea. Give yourself a few of them for dialling in the system, getting water volumes and sparge volumes right with a few keg...
  3. Dan Pratt

    What are you brewing 2020

    Ran an American Amber Ale over the weekend which is fermenting away nicely. OG 1049 FG 1011 ABV 5% IBU 32 EBC 28 80 % Pale Malt 7% Carared 7% Oats 5% Medium Crystal 1% Carafa 3 Mashed at 66c for 60mins, mash out at 78c for 15mins Boiled for 60mins Columbus @ 60mins = 15ibu Mosaic @ 2mins...
  4. Dan Pratt

    Dry hopping amber ale?

    TBH those are not the type of hops for aroma, they will work but you would be better off grabbing some more like Citra, Mosaic, Amarillo or even Cascade or Centennial
  5. Dan Pratt

    What are you brewing 2020

    Brewed my American Pale ale base recipe with different hops, onto the 5th rendition. OG 1048 FG 1009 ABV 5.2% IBU 32 EBC 9 72% Pale Malt 20% Maris Otter 7% Carapils 1% Light Crystal Mashed at 65c / 30mins , 68c / 45mins, 78c / 30mins Boiled for 60mins Columbus @ 60mins = 15ibu Galaxy @...
  6. Dan Pratt

    What are you brewing 2020

    Last week I ran a Session IPA, carboanting and shoudl be ready for serving by wednesday. OG 1036 FG 1012 ABV 3.5% IBU 32 EBC 6 77% Pilsner - Voyager Malt 10% Carapils 10% Wheat malt 3% Rye Mashed at 71c for 30mins, mash out @ 78c for 30mins\ Boiled for 60mins FWH Columbus = 15ibu...
  7. Dan Pratt

    Tropical Pale Ale : Six String Brewing

    From memeory the previous head brewer who designed this beer, used El Dorado and Amarillo late and dry hop.
  8. Dan Pratt

    2 step dry hop technique in an original Fermentasaurus

    To add the hops and cold crash at the same time, effectively you dont get contact time. That temp change to cold drop hops, yeast and protiens out of suspension. I often dry hop twice, once during ferment ( high Krausen ) and then when ferment is finished, purge with Co2, open and drop hops...
  9. Dan Pratt

    Hopsaboard 2020 Competition

    link to website ?
  10. Dan Pratt

    Hazyness is NEIPA/Hazy IPAs

    Hi, One of my favourtie styles is the belgian wheat beer but after many many makes I found it would always be clear in the keg after 2 - 3wks. What i found was that when I changed my mash rest temps this improved the haze formation that stayed in the beer. I add this as MHB will be able to...
  11. Dan Pratt

    Brewman Dealz

    whats your current Dealz Steve?
  12. Dan Pratt

    Foam, carbonation and kegging

    Try truning down teh pressure as the flow control under 10PSI pressure is causing additonal foam. I can serve my beer on 20KPa ( 3psi ) no worries, serving at 120KPa has issues
  13. Dan Pratt

    Foam, carbonation and kegging

    What is your serving pressure for that length of line? or is it on the full 10Psi and using the flow control to serve?
  14. Dan Pratt

    What are you brewing - 2019?

    Ive got about 100g of each hop in the fridge to clear out before my next bulk buy and teh past few beers have been a bit dull for hop aroma and flavour. Redemption IPA OG 1062 FG 1010 ABV 6.4% IBU 50 EBC 10 Vol 18L 93% Maris Otter 7% Carapils Mashed at 65c/45mins, 68c/30mins, 78c/30mins -...
  15. Dan Pratt

    Dippers backyard BBQ wars- amateur brewers.

    are you in Truman? or is that a lend
  16. Dan Pratt

    Dippers backyard BBQ wars- amateur brewers.

    had not even seen a single piece of advertising for this. 100K per annum is a decent start into the industry.
  17. Dan Pratt

    Bitter as f@#k!

    100g of Warrior would be the reason, its a solid bittering hop. It is though used by Dogfish head for the 60m, 90m and 120m continuoulsy hopped beers but with Amarillo and Simcoe in even proportions so it can be used but not as the dominant hop during dry hopping
  18. Dan Pratt

    Consistently missing FG target

    Fom what I read two things are the stand outs: Mash temp at 67c - quite high and leading to a higher FG Yeat Strain - S04 - a low attenuating yeast These 2 things combined are seeing a higher FG, interested to know if they taste sweet, to me 1020 would be on the sweeter side. I would suggest...
  19. Dan Pratt

    Furry clumps on fermenter

    yep she bad. drain and nuke that thing. When making lagers its pretty much 3x harder than making ales, fact. If you want to make lagers, you will need to get your yeast cell count and viability very very high. Id suggest at least 2 packets next time, even 3 which is expensive but its a...
  20. Dan Pratt

    Stone Brewing Co Shares Recipe for Pale Ale

    From what i have read in teh book about hops that Mitch Steel wrote ( ex head brewer of Stone ) is that they used a 30min mash and achieve full conversion withiin that time. YOu can try it, most homebrewers target 60mins, Ive moved to 30mins now i have understanding on grist mill size, water...