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    My third and final apprentice brewer arrived 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to rename my yearly RIS from...

    My third and final apprentice brewer arrived 6 weeks ago, I’ve had to rename my yearly RIS from “moad and sons stout” to “moad and co stout”
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    WTB - fermenting fridge Newcastle

    Cheers Les I found one on gumtree in Toronto for $50.
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    WTB - fermenting fridge Newcastle

    Free or cheap would be much appreciated!
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    50L braumeister with complete keg setup - entire system for sale - Newcastle NSW

    Regretful sale no doubt, someone is going to get a lot of joy from this package deal!
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    Kegbot (flow meter and digital taplist) project

    there was the first update in 5 years released this week... the original dev looks to have taken some interest again. min a complete Linux noob and have to hack it together every time I rebuild. The forum is still active at forum.kegbot.org
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    Starting a yeast bank

    I still have a ton of glycerine if anyone wants some. I’m not great with posting so would need to be pick up in Newcastle. Can leave in a jar outside. If anyone is interested PM me and I’ll work out what I paid, from memory it was less than half the price of the stuff from coles.
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    Kegbot (flow meter and digital taplist) project

    I’m still using these a couple of years later, work great and no issues. I find the whole setup to be accurate within 1-3 schooners which has been useful for me.
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    Starting a yeast bank

    I know anecdotes don’t trump science but I just wanted to add that I am using the exact same vials and the same ratios and have successfully restored a number of yeasts after several years. I just spun up a danish lager yeast that was 3.5 years old and it tastes and smells fine. I don’t have...
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    Getting Beer Out!

    Could see something like a bladder inside the keg working without oxidisation
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    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    Just had a quick read about the integration, it looks great! I think I’ll grab a smart PID...
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    Anyone Using Brewfather?

    It would be great to "push" from BrewFather to the smart PID and other controllers but I assume you mean export and import? How did it go? I am considering buying the smart PID for my robo35. Cheers
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    BrewPiLess. BrewPi on a single Wifi board.

    I’ve moved over and yep any time you add a reading in it will update the formula. That’s awesome, I also love having the option of detaching a ispindel from fermenter and attaching another. I am now rotating 3 between 2 fermenters and this just wasn’t possible with brewpiless. There are only...
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    BrewPiLess. BrewPi on a single Wifi board.

    @Ferment8 can you add a sample at any time in fermentrack and have the tilt / ispindel formula update on the fly without being in a “calibrate” mode. I find that is one negative with brewpiless. I have two fermenters running brewpiless and am considering testing out fermentrack.
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    iSpindel Digital Hydrometer

    Openwrt is a good wifi repeater for the pi. I’m using it as a bridge but you can also setup repeaters
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    Fermentation temp control in winter

    Fermentation is exothermic meaning the process itself generates heat. So it can ramp up past the temperature of the air outside which is why it is still a good idea to ferment in a temp controlled environment. If you don't have temp control, I am sure you will be fine it just isn't ideal
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    Looking for Hornindal Kveik strain

    I’ll find out if it’s cheaper to get a few strains and let you know. For anyone else interested we could split further. I’ve been building, storing and reviving yeast for a while so confident in my processes to get it to anyone!
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    BrewPiLess. BrewPi on a single Wifi board.

    Anyone using the ispindel know the trick to get abv to display? I set the og and am running a local log
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    Whats In The Glass

    An esb style malt profile with a touch of galaxy dry hop fermented with Gejernes kveik. I learned something with this beer... You don't filter out chill haze if you filter it too warm. Looked clear when I filtered and this is a couple of hours after where the haze is back, very hazy now it has...
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    Looking for Hornindal Kveik strain

    I'd be more than happy to build it up and split if you wanted to go halves in the cost of buying some plus shipping to you.
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    G'day from Newcastle

    Welcome, certainly recommend HUB to meet other brewers and have any questions you can think of answered by a great bunch of blokes (I can't include myself in that statement as I haven't been along for a while!).