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    Extract 10 minute IPA

    I was reading a few old posts last night, and I was wondering if a 10 minute IPA would work using only extracts, or would you need to boil a massive load of extract to get the required hop utilisation? Anyone tried anything like this, and how did it go?
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    Need Extract recipe with limited hops available

    G'day all, I'm wanting to chuck a batch down tomorrow, but due to time constraints, the only hops I have are galaxy (and lots of them). I'm guessing my best bet would be a very short boil, but besides that, I'm pretty clueless. Anyone got a good recipe, or any suggestions? The local home brew...
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    Did I kill my fridge?

    So it seems late last night I didn't shut my beer fridge door properly, and only found out this afternoon when I got a beer out. Didn't think much of it at the time, just closed the door and drank the beer at a not so ideal temperature. Just got another beer before, and realised I couldn't hear...
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    Taps Mooloolaba

    Anyone heard about this new bar opening up next week at mooloolaba? Apparently it will have 28 beer taps, set up all around the place and you can pour your own beer. The owner told me they will be having Holgate and Nail Ale on tap the first week, so it's looking good for an area where 150...
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    Anyone want a fridge?

    When I bought my kegs and gas bottle, a fridge was included with an old swing style tap. I've since upgraded, and it's taking up too much space. It's an old dinosaur of a thing, heavier than Clive Palmer, and about as good looking too. The seals have gone to shite, but that's been sorted out...
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    Quick tips for ginger kits

    I was at big w today with the missus. It was great fun.... Anyways, I bought a tin of coopers ginger beer to play around with. I wanna make a ginger beer for the missus, but not keen on going to heaps of trouble like I did last time, only to be told it was foul. Anyone got any quick tips or...
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    Fare thee well, kit and kilo!

    As I slowly get my bits and pieces together to start doing BIAB, I thought I should clear out the cupboard and use up the last of the tins and whatnot lying around. So, with the kids at daycare and the missus out shopping, I threw down a Coopers Mexican Cerveza with a few extras: Coopers...
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    Basic BIAB. Hit me with ideas

    So I've finally got all my gear together to start BIAB. Now I just need a nice easy recipe to brew up for my inaugural batch. Something along the lines of a nice hoppy pale ale would do nicely, something that is forgiving enough for the first timer. Anyone got a nice easy recipe that they stand...
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    Fat Yak: dumbed down for the masses?

    We had a BBQ tonight, and old mate brought along a sixer of fat yak. Now I used to like the yak, a great deal even, but now I'm not so sure. It started at my sisters wedding a few months ago, when I had a couple of stubbies, and it just didn't taste right. I put it down to bad storage, being a...
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    Beersmith app, worth it?

    So who has used the beersmith app, and would you recommend it for BIAB? Anyone used any other apps that they have found useful?
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    Kegged beer - shelf life?

    I recently bid on and won a keg fridge set up on ebay, complete with three kegs. When I went to pick it up, the bloke said he had another two kegs that were full, but I could have them too. He said they had been sitting around for at least 12 months. I was too excited about scoring two free kegs...